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Find it? Sure so it's at the moment while we're all during the corona virus outbreak you can enjoy the cast doing two episodes a week on a Wednesday on a Sunday. Used to be just on the Sunday book right now to episodes week Wednesday and Sunday it's available on anchor specify And or apple podcast. It's called the HUD report. Poke cast and it's interviews with political figures activists commentators experts in their field so we've had a progressive candidates running for office. We've even had some Republican figures on their giving their taken an opposing view. And we've had experts as well so this week we have a brand wolf who survived the pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando several years ago at something. That's actually in everyone's mind but he's passionately fought to secure gun safety legislation since that day and he's dedicated himself to on a similar note. We also have fried guttenberger. Recently again. Tragically lost his daughter in the park and school shooting. But whose full passionately for gun safety legislation and we on a different note has a foreign policy. Think tank the show to talk about issues in foreign policy so It's everything that you could want to know really about what's going on in politics at the moment but we do these deep dives these long into Pew that gives you a real insight into the people behind the interview so something everyone should check out. The jury poll cast anchor. Spotify are chains apple podcasts. Any way you can get your podcast really And if it's not way you won't get your tasks they can always find me on twitter at not. Hardly let me know. We'll get it out there and they can enjoy it that way awesome. Thank you so much. Everyone hosted the hardy report. Podcast get it. Where relate to your podcast Edward Hardy? Thanks again for speaking with me today. Find Peace sign up for having me on the show. It's been a real pleasure. Alright everybody stick around right after this quick break we have the good news and Quarantine Confessions. You don't WanNa miss it so stay with us? Hey everybody it's ag in this segment is brought to you by the Zebra Dot Com nowadays. Everyone's trying to be more frugal trying to save money and resources. Meanwhile Americans are paying on Car Insurance by an estimated twenty one billion dollars per year. And we're all driving so much less we should be able to check to adjust our rates. While you're doing that you might as well see if you can get a better rate from another agency and but searching for a better deal can take hours and you usually get a barrage of.

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