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Your host shunning thus here to talk about the finale and the season at lodge color me categorically blindsided anyone. Who's been listening to the recaps. When i gave nicole sorry. No that's i give her no shot of winning and i should've learned from the south africa. I've said many times home had no shot of winning and here we are saying in south africa that anyone has no sort of winning ever again lesson blood and we're going to talk about it all with my co-host as always for the final time of the season survivor south africa to my window. Blinds is it is a great mike. Bloom my thanks for being here to quote. Jeff probe shannon. I think this is what you consider a life lesson. We can learn to never count anyone out. Let's let's let's some crocheted. And i know you are a vegetarian but we gotta do it. A lot of the phantom has to as well admittedly but shocking. I love it. I love how shocking it was that i think a lot of us came in based on the edit based on the characterization of everyone else say all right well nicole's guaranteed second place and here we are. I mean. listen if you've already listened to the winner and interview. You already know what's happening so us. I guess spoiler alert already retroactively. If you for some reason clicked into this into your pocket and didn't know who want survivor south africa. Nicole wellman's is your survivor. South africa champion. Nicole has somehow become the most successful name for survivor south africa performance. In the franchise. History then sent me a pie emoji and then said he has some humble pie for meeting nicole last week. This is why he's one of the greatest players of all time is. He's able to come in and be like i think it's the call like verda. What are you telling you. What are you watching. Dude day per you eating at this point clearly something seeped into your brain but no. He was able to map out literally. Her path to winning beats. Chappie is in the challenge. I would say is one of the greatest moves she makes. The entire season comes into final. Tribal council is able to in my opinion really vocalized her game incredibly well on top of that likeability and the social skills that she has zip to parlay in not only a victory shannon but a decisive victory again. Very comparable to. Tom both only on. Don't get one vote but otherwise it is a clean sweep from someone who now i will say with tom. He was gaining momentum near the end of the game as the options. Were winding down nicole. I would not say as much again. Maybe that's more of an editing thing than anything. But i think it's a little comparable in that way. I think it truly does show especially in survivor south africa. I love saying this. Anyone can win. Due to the circumstances due to the people that you play with there are several different paths to winning the game depending on who you are depending on how the chips fall and so this is just yet. Another hallmark of that value soda went into the nali of seasons staying. There was a very good chance. Tom would win. I felt that competitive. If they were sitting at the end which felt like a high possibility two out of three that she had a worse at like she was sure to be like actively lazy. In a way that i thought was like this is the editor and homeless is being self. And that's where we got and that to me was came in last evening. Like she's going to win. Because i thought. I mean those are confessional. Was like cold crying about how the challenge could win. Could change your life. And i was like i feel. He.

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