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News I'm Ed Donahue. President elect Joe Biden has picked former Self Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buddha judge as transportation secretary, the first ever openly gay nominee to lead the Cabinet department. One of the youngest Cabinet members ever in Wilmington, Delaware. The president elect says he wants his Cabinet to be diverse. By the end of this process, This Cabinet will be the most representative. Any cabinet. In American history. Have more people of color than any Cabinet ever. More women than any Cabinet ever. Well, it a Cabinet of barrier breakers. Cabinet of First the president elect is also hopeful Congress can work out a new coronavirus economic relief bill. It looks like very, very close. Bond looks like there's going to be direct cash payments. But it's a down payment important down payment. I was gonna have to be done beginning end of January and February, a member of President Trump's Cabinet is under coronavirus restrictions. Here's the AP is Jennifer King. The State Department says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is quarantining after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for covert 19. The department says he tested negative for the virus. It was being monitored. The announcement came as Pompeo in the department have been criticized for hosting holiday parties amid the Corona virus pandemic. Pompeo had been expected to attend the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday and meet on Thursday with the nominee to succeed him. A fugitive widow of an Islamic state gunman and a man were convicted in Paris of terrorism charges and sentenced to 30 years in prison in the trial of 14 people. Linked to the deadly 2015 attacks in Paris against the satirical Charlie have no newspaper and a kosher supermarket. Major league Baseball is reclassifying the Negro Leagues as a major league. It means the stats and records of 3400 black players will now be part of MLB history. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. This is AP News. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is defending the decision to ease coronavirus restrictions over Christmas. Scientists have raised safety concerns about the proposal, which allows three households to form a bubble over the five day Christmas period. However, in the House of Commons, Boris Johnson stayed firm to the principal, saying families could decide for themselves. We do think it's absolutely vital. People should at these very, very tricky time.

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