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Now, the news. Good afternoon. I'm Brad born our top story forty nine people have now contracted measles in the Clark county outbreak, and there are nine people being tested for the disease. Clark county health department says there are no new exposure locations, a northern California sheriff plans to conduct a rare public inquest into the crash that killed an entire Washington state family last year Mendocino county sheriff Tom almond says the coroner's inquest we'll examine lingering questions about how. And why the Hart family SUV ran off highway one last margin plunged out a one hundred foot cliff onto the title rocks below the biggest question is whether Jennifer heart intentionally drove off the cliff to kill herself her partner and they're six adoptive children. A demonstrator is doing the city of Portland over police use of force in an August protests downtown, Tracy Molina tells KTAR news, she has notified the city of her intent to file suit in connection to the August, fourth counter protests at a patriot prayer rally along the waterfront, it seemed like any other protests until they started shooting projectiles at the citizens of Portland. Video footage shows. Police trying to grab Molina's protests signed before shoving her to the ground and then arresting or on charges of attempting to assault. A police officer disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer Molina's fighting the charges the Portland police bureau face criticism for injuring several protesters at the event with aerial distraction devices, the bureau responded by temporarily suspending its riot control methods, pending an internal review of police use of force White House officials are previewing President Trump state of the union speech scheduled for tomorrow night. White House officials say the president's speech will focus on presenting a quote inspiring vision of American greatness and a call for bipartisanship in a divided congress. The senior administration official refused to get into the process behind the building of the speech, the guests or any specific material beyond the top five topics immigration trade infrastructure, national security and healthcare. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, the White House. People are dead after a plane crashed into a home in Yorba, Linda, California, the plane came down. Just before those started the Super Bowl the plane hitting a house with people inside four inside the home. Plus the pilot were killed others were injured this sound of that moment. Neighbor, some wearing Rams jerseys ran outside with a garden hose, his burning pieces of the plane were in front of homes the plane crashed shortly after taking off from a nearby airport. The NTSB is now trying to figure out why it went down. Alex stone, ABC news, Los Angeles. Facebook is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary they called it the Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg and four other Harvard students launched it in a dorm room in two thousand four Facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company. And that is how he described it last year when Zuckerberg was testifying to congress about the social network that's become much more than a place where friends voluntarily share things. It's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm. But despite concerns about election interference fake news and a privacy. A study by pew says today more than two thirds of American adults use Facebook, Scott Goldberg, ABC news on Wall Street today. Dow's up ninety five points, NASDAQ up sixty six s and p's.

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