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You know we can we can go into it to why we're in this place with Colgate that white people have sort of lost careers I mean what I mean in this event indiscreet error lighting people they're stating people there are so many people are set designers that have done this all their lives and we're gonna have to figure out you know a new career yeah yeah I'm not too proud to do that but I guess I just I don't know if it's the point that I just needed the error and I don't know the current if you say what do you think yeah let's go back to another question I was talking about the to Katie do you think that Kate I'm sorry okay okay I think that if if the governor says more stayed home orders yeah the people gonna pay attention that anything people gonna he'd stories like yours into going to women if I stayed home my job might not come back you know they may be freaked out to stay at home simply because or if I if I go home with my industry dies and then what do I do so do you think it is our last color but if you think that right now I I have a very quick answer that I mean not that I don't think Jeez I if I stay at home it's really gonna extend the end of my career I think it's the opposite right because more people are going to become effective effect you know we have more data and everything I mean I think it's the opposite I think the more if we have to stay at home the better we should just stay at home and bay that because the sooner we get through this the sooner we get through this act and the topic all along yeah yeah so I would hope that they would do that but you know I know my you know just myself who's been really great about wearing masks certainly need a win the government said though okay well let's get a little bit and only recently made the mandate on math I have been masking but when it got a little looser I noticed myself not mapping up and I had to look at myself in the mirror and say well what are you doing yeah you know why we know where we're being that we have this stuff SO IT now everybody's really masking up you know he I fortune off enough to live in Brandon the numbers have been low although I did see yesterday were about we're on the rise but you want to prevent the grapple straight up does your right but those are Monday numbers to which can be a little bit misleading right you're right well and and I have noticed that people in California are doing a lot better job I've been in a few different states in the last couple weeks people in California doing a much better job of masking up than than others are so yeah yeah thanks so much and good luck I I hope I hope that you know your career bounces back in that you're able to get back at it I really do but I feel for you well you've got you've got my sympathies for sure we will we'll get a couple more calls here in just a second eighty eighty eight tennis at number eighty eighty eight ten and then you'll have a chance to do something this year that maybe you've never done before but the president says he doesn't want you doing it that is coming up here at two o'clock still your thoughts now that we've listed some bands are you ready to go back if the numbers climb again eighty eighty eight tennis number Chris Maryland for pet thirsting KGO eight ten T..

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