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Of the economy from former fed chairman Ben Bernanke was around during the Great Recession as fed chair and put into place many of the emergency lending programs the fed is now refusing to deal with the current situation Ben Bernanke's prognosis for the current economy pretty Graham's saying growth is expected to fall by about thirty percent in the second quarter that he raised the prospect the economy could be partly opened up in the summer and close back down again in the fall overall he said it could be very bad year for the economy thanks to the Great Depression by the way is a bad comparison to make to the current economic situation basically he believes that this is like a natural disaster and the response is more like an emergency relief that it is typical stimulus or anti recessionary response take a look at the market action right now the Dow is hired by just about two hundred points the nasdaq composite of fifty two in the S. and P. five hundred and twenty shares of FedEx and United parcel service of moved higher earlier but after the Wall Street journal reported that Amazon was holding a delivery service known as Amazon shipping that directly competes with those package delivery services Amazon shares moving slightly higher the price of oil slightly higher as well right now the dollar twenty back to twenty four eighty three and what's been another volatile week for the oil markets and of course we saw oil crash recently below twenty dollars a barrel and that's a big reason why you're seeing those lower pump prices out there we check the money of twenty and fifty each hour Franco tech from the H. M. as capital money desk K. like since seventy years ready well with so many of us at home during the corona virus pandemic fostering a pet has really become the thing to do will tell you more that's part of our in depth team coverage coming up in less than ninety seconds it's seven twenty one your money brought to you by opus bank is getting to the point where the information.

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