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Of kokiden take kunal the better co q10 can you fi a m sixforty more stimulating talk or back with robert felix not by fire but by ice has retired about magnetic reversals the the glaciers and of course and emitted ice age as well and get your phone calls to robert too if you are in a room with a bunch of climatologists you would tell them the same thing what do you think their reaction would be oh some of them would agree with me and some of them would disagree with me laughter quite a few scientists are saying now that they're not necessarily climatologists but but several scientists are now saying that we are headed into an ice age i think of piers corbin he is an astrophysicist out of london and and i selected enough to to me with him when i was in london a few years ago and he he says based on his study of the sun that we are now in a little ice age another one who says that is is doctor have billow after some tough hit me a while to learn spell that may laughter yeah but anyway dr abdul saima tough he is an astrophysicist and he's not just your quote ordinary astrophysicist ease e is from russia and he happens to also be head of the russian portion of the international space station so so this guy's credible he s he was saying i was lucky enough to again to to to be able to talk he was giving in chicago and i think it was 2012 but he was warning at that time that we would be entering a little ice age by the year 2000 port teen and now he also says there were you know little i say so so at least there's some scientists out there that that absolutely do agree i they don't necessarily say we're going into a full fledged ice age but you know a little ice age is is enough for me laughter you know during the last ice age millions literally millions of people died of starvation so so even a little ice ages is very scary what did you see to get this theory going many years ago what did you say you know that is i am still trying to understand that.

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