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And i said can you send me a couple of warrants or maybe some senior is that it would like to come on out here and help shape the community for the next couple of years so We had some of the grew senior. Listed guys come out and So one of the guys showed up officer Was a dear friend of mine And we were one of the final days of hell week and the kids are in the demo. Pit and kids are demo. Pit was setting off explosives around them And these kids are still singing. Now this is probably thursday. Or so i kind of forget And they've already lost about one hundred people in the class so these kids aren't going to quit but they are. They are beat up and the instructors are doing their thing and i mean he just arrived at the command i said. Hey danny would down. You wanna come with me down to the demo pit and watch says sure like to come along so you know i'm just doing there. I got the master chief. And i'm getting. I'm not interfere it. I'm watching and i look at this guy who is a deaf grew one officer and he's got tears in his eyes this anything all the way back Who said danny pudgy feel about that. I forgot says. I forgot what it was like. I forgot should i for a little while. I was there and he said it. So yes it's the same And you know master chief defense key who was streets streetwise Force master chief and He really sucked our instructors. So now we all go through training and as we look back on it in the review mirror were faster. Smarter stronger better. And so he's to the master chief in charge of all of the instructors At at at buds training and constantly complaining to the mass achieve about the quality of the individuals. Not making this. And if they don't do this they should be able to contribute so too fell ski really smart guy on a friday afternoon. We have one big classroom. It probably seats about one hundred. So he's got all the instructors In their made everybody calm who was mandatory. And he's got the chalkboard up. There sent all right first-phase phase. What is the minimum standard. That you need to have for the floyd for the four mile run and swim the o- course and second-phase third face and everyone wants everything to be. You gotta do better faster stronger. So so he he really wants them so he said let me understand this now. He said go talk to the captain. And we're going to change. This says so. I want to make sure that everybody agrees if you can't do this first phase if you can't do that at second face if you can't do that third face you should never be a seal. Is that correct right mischief. That right well gentlemen. He's just happens. I everyone of your trading records here. And what i'm gonna do is i'm going to give each and every one of you your training record that i'm going to walk out of the room once you finish looking at it and you see what you did. Just put it back in the box. And i'll see you monday because it was true. They you know it's humbling to go back and look at your own record and see what the instructor said about you. Okay historically we still have the same. We've got we've got the we've got every single record from day one On so as a matter of fact. When i was there i tried to burn down the the route and. When did you leave buds. What's that when did you. Would you done at buds as the commander. Well i was. I was real for thirty nine months. Which is a really good in the it was Just a fantastic. Our tour not one. That i wanted to do because i was going to go someplace else in virginia. Beach and We had trouble with our attrition rate. And getting folks through. So i got Change from Going out to virginia beach to to the center but it turned out to be The probably the most rewarding story of had to have people like marcus. The trial go through training and You know remembered marcus Because not many students break their femur And training and So you know. It's not a good time when you know the the senior instructors and the doctor the master chief come to talk to you about All right He broke his what he broke. His femur How stress fracture bs. Right so i mean we went through it. I'm twitter stuff. So what happened. Was i mean. And they were covered for him and he did break his femur. So marcus if you're listening to your instructors and if any of you think that you could beat me of course. Marcus raises his in. This is the obstacle course. So we have. It's all technique and now you dealing with a seal that's been doing this obstacle course for years and Now marcus was good. But you've got a guy who these guys are like pixies going over there. Aren't they see you. Climb to the top of the cargo net. Was that about thirty feet chocolate and throw yourself over and but you do it in a technique that then you drop down a little bit and you could grab onto the rope and at work way down. So marcus got there. He knows this technique and he threw himself over. The only problem was He didn't grab it and he went down to thirty feet and hit an broke his femur. So i'm going to his credit though when out got roll back and came back. But i mean that's a good old boy there but they lied to be as teammates should do because because they didn't want the instructor in trouble and and i bought it. unfortunately it wasn't until later on that. actually. Marcus told me this a bit. He's the one that came clean. Epic must be like the the the glimpse that you get it human psychology. When you're because. I never worked at bud. You know went through it but.

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