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So now we've got the cowboys and the hog farmers. This is Vince McMahon, this is in his Wheelhouse, boy. He loves it. He loves it. Stereotype is stereotype could be. You know, the guy who's got to carry a pig. Each. One each Anne hillbilly Jim. The pig thing and Owen got turned all the pigs loose Vince's office where he got to work. You hear that story? Oh, yeah. That was a good one. I want to mention too. This is a pretty monumental role for a lot of reasons. Not just because of the Bret Hart thing, which we're going to listen to shortly and of course we're going to get into the mister perfect stuff as well. But this is the first time that raw is live on TSN. And of course, that's the station in Canada that carries the show, and for a long time, especially when you look at the next year of the WWF boy, Canada is such a big part of what you guys are doing. And it feels like, hey, if houses are down here in America, domestically? Well, let's just go across the border, because Canada at that point is almost like a wrestling crazed country. And you've now got this show live on TSN. That's a big deal for the company, isn't it? Yeah it is. You notice there are Hillary gyms stepping on the top rope. It says going to be your next champion. Citizen and one to tender. I would not have had hillbilly sip over the top rope. Well, first of all, he really couldn't do it without balancing. I mean, it's a teeter totter deal. Yeah. You know, I get your yam bag on those top ropes. I can promise you. I can't imagine that feels good. Not that I've ever done, if I have had a handbag issue on the second rope. It's not fun. Well, Jim, you brought it up. Let's hear about that yam bank. Yeah. Every man's got one. Well, you are specifically grinding on the ropes. How did this happen? Tell us about your yam bag incident. All I got the ring on a step between the second and third rope and there was a heel there. And so all he did was reach down and pull a rope up like a fiddle string and it hit me about three times for I could get my fat ass off of it. It's not funny. It's not funny Conrad. The misery of others should not be the pleasure of years. This is, I don't know how many times these guys work together. Too many? Had to be in a hundred, you know, Phineas is one of the top chefs of Florida right now. I heard you know that. I heard it's really good, legit. And Mark Gunn is an electrician. Also in Florida, good guy. He don't like me much because of brawl for it all as if I had a damn thing to do with it. I didn't create it. Well, he says he's a stud now. And the bill is as a coach down AEW in his two sons are trying to make their way up the ladder. As you go to the real quick break here, now we're at back. And we're still in Fort Wayne Conrad, by the way. That's very marketable to all the lovely folks at Fort Wayne. Phineas has done well for himself. He's a character. He's lucky he made it through the attitude era. Funny guy. Yeah, naked median. What a game of that was. Good God. You know, Billy Gunn was very underrated. When Billy, Billy, one of the smokey guns broke up, Conrad, and Billy went another direction with the road dog. I believe or not, I wasn't sure that was going to work. Let me spell it for you. GER CO dot com that's Geico dot com. I think a lot of people felt like, 'cause you originally, this gets lost over. But when they break up, you try them as rockabilly and put them with hockey tonk man, which is akin to the kiss of death. But somehow some way he has the best yet to come with an whole new age outlaws deal. Right. And then from there, you would try to break him off into a single star once again, and he wins the king of the ring. The Rock just murdered him forever and ever a man as a singles competitor on live TV with a promo. And that was it, man. It's kind of a shame because he was such a big part of tag team wrestling for the company here. Multiple time champion with the smoking guns, arguably the new age outlaws, one of the top acts in wrestling at the time. I mean, the whole crowd knew their whole rap word for word. There are different levels of quote unquote over. And I know the old term was a road warrior pop, but man, the new age outlaws, they were right up there, weren't they? Yeah, they were. They were a great act. They could really well. And it opened the door for road dog. So we got two big wins out of this situation. And I got a main event level attraction from these two dudes who could both have anybody on the roster that rode dog and Billy could.

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