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Confession of faith or being confessional actually protects the mission of the church and keeps it keeps it pure and i mean the mission of the church at its most basic level as we agree on all the time is the proclamation of the gospel and the administration of the sacraments for the salvation of god's people and so ultimately it is paul in. I corinthians to like. I desire to nothing among you accept christ in him crucified. I mean that is the mission in the most basic level of the local churches. This is about christ is about him and the people who need him and then we can with the best of intentions right. We can turn into slightly redirect that trajectory that trajectory that mission and turn it into this kind of movement where we at such such a church or we under this guy's influential leadership. We have really tapped into the secret. Like we've got the special sauce that nobody else has. And we've got the corner on the market as far as how do church and we're going over here and we're gonna win the city nas to in that way it becomes the mission like as i was listening to the podcast over and over again it becomes very kind of wartime. I understand that the scriptures use this imagery but very much like no wartime paradigm of we are going into battle Perpetually it seems to win the city and the way that we're going to do that it's like yeah we're gonna preach christ that's almost assumed like we want people to come to jesus that's that's stated sometimes assumed that others were going to do that by getting people married and by people having a bunch of babies and by people buying houses. And we're gonna we're gonna get jobs in the city and we're gonna take over the city for jesus becomes the mission rather than i think some sort of back that up and always keep the heralding of christ and the loving of one another in the forefront of your mind as a leader in the church and while we're talking about that mission thing another reaction i had. That's very much related to this. As i was listening. Is i think that there was a decent amount of over spiritualism going on as i listened to mark's speak as i listened him preach and teach where literally what i mean by that is we are turning everything into a spiritual matter. We are taking things that are not inherently spiritual or even inherently moral and turning them into spiritual and moral issues and you could hear this a lot in the way that he would frame everything in terms of its war. Like we're in we're in. The midst of work is Everything is about your fidelity to christ including like alluded to earlier. Like what you're doing in the bedroom and and whether or not women should work outside the home or fill in the blank it's all about the mission and we've got to be on mission and i mean he even uses this language about firing pastors. And whatever it's like they got off mission we throw them off the bus and so everything becomes about the mission like literally everything And and i'm like man. There's no room whatsoever for just ordinary faithfulness. It doesn't seem like this is just another way to repackage that. Kind of radical stuff That apparently were called to christ and simply to trust. Jesus love the brethren love. My family be an honorable employee. Where i work. Apparently i'm still not. I might do all that and not be on mission young. I think those things are really tied together in this sense. I was in the military before i went into ministry. And if there's one thing. I took away from my military training. It was pure training in pragmatism. Because when you're in the military your job is to win and there is no box you do. Whatever it takes to win by an data sheikh's old beverage. It is goal. There is nothing else. You sacrifice everything to that goal right in. That's where some of that over spiritual ization that happens with mark up everything now has to serve the mission so you will make things. Imperatives will bind people's consciences two things that the lord doesn't in because it serves that mission because it survived and so when everything is about the mission it really opens the door to a pragmatism where we ended up with a the ends justify the means church and if you read the new testament we have the exact opposite the ends are what god does through the holy spirit and he decides what he wants to do. But we're told about over and over again is what we are to be doing and how we are to be doing it. He produces the increase. Whatever he wants to. But there's a whole lot more about the manner in which we do things and and the stuff was supposed to be doing along the way versus what we are supposed to produce and show at the end you hear multiple times in the podcast about the results right And the results really justified. The means to matter what was going on and no matter how out of control mark may have been like look. Look what we're doing and you could hear. Look in brute try you can hear the staff and the other pastors being interviewed saying it was really hard for us. I mean brought tears these days where we saw these baptisms and sell this people. Come into christ and you even hear these stories about people who wanted nothing to do with church left left the church and now back in the church and loved the church and the those those stories are hard. Because i think there are those people are genuine believers and what what can be so complicated about christianity. Is that people say well you. You're just being critical because you know your church is small and their churches big. You know what threw me for a loop in i. I remember calling justin. We talked about this. I said man when when someone asked mark who who. Who's who's a mentoring us. Kind of like watching you miss. They mentioned piper in his response was well and i'm assuming this is a legit conversation and his response was well piper searches smaller than me. How can he mentor me. And it became not about the nature and the character of a man and as a shepherd and as a guy who needs to be watched over in less t- to stumble. It became about the game of a size and how big it came. And that is it's so dangerous. We all wanna see multiple people in christ but ultimately that is god's responsibility we we all wanna see fruit. We want to see through sure. That's right and it's you know we can be. We could become discouraged about all. Well you know only had thirty people in my church or three hundred or whatever the number of can be but this is. This is the i think. The result of the modern evangelical church that a successful pastor. I think there's a patrick. You can speak into this but enact twenty nine. They kind of talk about like if you're not at this size by this year your churches failure. I'm like i'm sorry but there's nothing in the new testament that tells me where successful church needs to be at a successful timeframe and is successful moment. And when i see when i see the command of a of a pastor is still feta sheep he has attended sheep and he is to love and care for them and god gives the increase mean. Paul literally says some plant and some water and god brings the increase so if a passer is faithfully shepherding his flock by feeding them intending them then that he is a successful man. It's not his responsibility to determine what the size of a church is going to be. He cares for people he evangelized. Let god bring the increase but the problem is in a in a results driven world. That just doesn't work. You know i. I hate when i'm around other pastors when you get that question of like well. How big is your church holly. It's like why does that matter to you in and the significance of that who cares. You know it's that's who cares so many churches you've planted doug zombies lowering. It's an angel dilemma. Though johnny 'cause there's a quote from a From john brown he's a and this is back several hundred years ago puritan era where he writes to a younger minister and says. I know that you'll be tempted to be ashamed at the size of your congregation because it's so small plea.

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