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Film but within a decade their mothers will sitting in their livingrooms posse neurons sex toys thanks to jacqueline gold events on summa's she'd been trying to find a way of encouraging women to buy her raunchy products and thought if tupperware parties why not sex parties it is actually men that would go into sex shots then it was a meal so to lancaster gate type atmosphere to aids and women went in paris tools make decisions in actor i think the parties changed attitudes i mean women when talking about their sex lives about experimenting with a with a cool system cherubs as that i that i had a apple through the post because at that china installing dark and then five years lights at buckingham palace back by the queen my conscience business every grow anything sweat or if he knighted that any any day since tie yet by this time the sun's page three had become a national institution that will voices raised against it almost from the beginning allison webster was to become the last principle page three photographer she lost her job in rupert murdoch gave way to the rising chorus of protests and said enough to this day miss webster regrets the passing of page three yeah everyone's entitled to criticise things i think bombing things is wrong because i think we should all be allowed to do what makes us happy as long as it's not hersi anybody else and other think physically it was hurting anybody else worthy women exploited i would say knocked they would say they were exploiting the song my way at very little full a fair amount of money and how to quite time during it so blessed the exploitation in la okay if you put on at the same say song cassatt thirty quota cuts often epa thoughts allies have changed so much that pastry became something and got the momentum and then it's a tip tied off again but in america where they create more palm than any other place in the world in oslo to sunlight topless on a beach i just think he'll guy round in a circle in combat t somewhere again so yes the sun marvels may have been forced to put the top back on but that doesn't mean the nation is turning prudish again our behavior has become much much more diverse than it was if we start with.

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