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In the peak and the dynamics of that curve is starting to resemble a bit of New York all of this as president trump has extended the social distancing guidelines for another month dashing hopes of reopening the country and the economy by Easter Dave Packer ABC news have all the county leaders now getting under way with their daily cobit nineteen press briefing will take in live now to commission president Denise Driehaus mention that I went out to the funeral service for officer gates in Springdale police chief wells was generous enough to invite me to the service side stood outside there was a lot of social distancing obviously going on but I think it was a stark reminder of how important our first responders are in this community how so much of what they do puts them in danger in harm's way and how grateful we need to continue to be to our first responders and we have first responders with us this morning and so I just to want to acknowledge that it was a very sobering ceremony in real reminder of how a woman police officer officer grant just doing her job her in harm's way and had a fatal ending so it was just really challenging I do want to also say our condolences are with the family and the police officers in Springdale many other jurisdictions have stepped up and are feeling the chefs of so many of those police officers that I needed some time off for needed to prepare for the funeral so anyway it was as you know it it's the both the good and the bad it's in times like that so we're gonna start with the numbers as we always do as of this morning I talked to Greg testament as I always do in the morning we have eighty five confirmed positive cases in Hamilton County of covert nineteen they say without technical difficulties there obviously with the feed of Denise Driehaus who's addressing us Hamlin county commission president Denise Driehaus and talking and giving the latest numbers ever go we're back restraints.

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