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Came a little wetter than expected but snow and freezing rain is now moving into the saint louis region good evening i'm brett bloom kmox news time is seven oh five we'll check your forecast up and 709 was expected a bit earlier but their a white eastern locally is in the process of happening after all meteorologist dean devore's says he expects a slushy coating to an interview cumulation before it's all over nonpaid services mostly city and metro suburbs then you go north and west in the missouri suburbs and you're looking at maybe two to three inches because i think the whole thing holds on a little bit longer into the evening there against no ice has moved into the saint louis metro region and roads are getting extremely slick out there many reports of accidents coming into the newsroom well some air wires led to a bit of a scare this afternoon mid america airport in muskoka screening carry on items for allegiant airlines flight to florida round to psa screeners noticed suspicious wires coming from a laptop computer boarding was stopped the atom secured so that the illinois state police of the secretary of state police bomb squad could check that out they determined that the wires connected to the laptop to a hard drive in that nothing criminal was taking place about three hundred passengers at the airport impacted by the delay and even cancellation of a couple of flights saint charles police are looking for a woman who robbed the first state bank branch and fifth street saturday happened just before eleven am officers say the robber handed the teller a note then left with cash scribed as africanamerican with glasses wearing a nike jacket cardinals shirt black pants and white shoes anyone with information should call police saint louis university researchers say they've come up with a way.

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