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So I knew all about him from from the gals, but I didn't really know him. I didn't know how wonderful he was. And now he's producing on Broadway. Did you see boys in the band? I haven't yet, but I actually know that he lives for theater. He's completely. I mean, wait till you see this. Action. I mean, I remember the original action. This is stunning. You walk into the booth theatre that's the old theater dozen cities theater and it's right. I mean, the set, I mean every God, Matt Bomer ANZAC window in Andrew Reynolds and the whole the whole company. I mean, they're just they're sport Inari. It's really is hope you'll get definitely will topless. It's closing soon too. I think I gotta get on that. Yeah, but I know that you and Ryan it makes sense that you have so much in common there and have you seen pose? Oh my God got. It's really, it's. It's extrordinary. I mean, they're talking about vogue ING and the balls, and I remember all of that from the early days of as in the houses and the and it's all these news burning, which I think inspired. I mean that and Stephen kennels isn't, and some of our writers from Our Lady j who is on. Is on the show now, but I mean, this kind of awareness of things that are again, it goes back to the thing we said in the beginning, how will you be? What will you do that will change the culture, the conversation, you know, we on transparent, took it to this place, and now this will take to this place and then there will be others that will come along that will and if we're not leaving a powerful legacy for those who come behind us, if we are not setting an example, we'll go around the same bend that we've always gone around and nothing will change, and the culture will stay the same. But we have an opportunity now in all of the worlds of our artistry on this was the thing with driver Sachi it's not, you know, there might be an assumption that what is the greater significance of a story about senseless murder of. One person which in fact, it's people. Many did not realize I forgotten that it wasn't just the one person and it wasn't propelled by something vapid in the sense. Obviously it was senseless, but it was driven by something that I will leave it to you to describe because I know something that you had to think about when preparing to play those. You see, what is it mean to be number one, a young person who is so clearly on the edge in so many ways. Knowing that they're gay and not having a culture that they can walk into where they will be met with open arms and feel safe. Those things the level of homophobia that was still going on and is still going to this these rats right Miami. That's right. And so you're dealing with a culture and a world that is still dealing with the aids crisis in a major way. Even though the protease inhibitors have come into ninety five, you're still dealing with people and their disdain for people in the gay community and the culture and rookie on her couple of weeks ago, he was saying that rigging. Myrna should say, I'm not about a first name basis, but that he who has come out as gay years ago, said that the internalized homophobia that even he felt is exactly what if if on addressed in the wrong mind can explode in the. Way that with Kuhnen. That's exactly right. And I think and I won't speak for Ryan, but I suspect that it was that part of this story. That was what was so important to him in doing it. It's not about looking at some salacious killer. It's not. That's not what this is about. And I think the brilliance of Tom rob Smith, looking at it backwards going backwards from the.

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