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That's it look at first base with dominic smith i mean you've now have to have jay breath play first base allied to get nemo into the lineup in because gonzales isn't giving you and i didn't expect much out of adrian gonzalez i don't know that anybody really did but why not take a shot but you know where's dominic smith now you don't even hear his name yeah i think he's hitting two eighty coast league hitters league yes anybody apparently he's only hit two home runs and driven in less than ten runs i mean he was he was built up to us forever i i mean look if this continues the way them you know the mets should start every game they should accepting down five runs it'll do them that'll be to their benefit because the way they're vargas and wheeler pitching it's crazy the mets are down five runs before they take the field it's incredible every game you see shots on s n y of met fans holding their hands over their face and you just see you identify you see you come out to the ballpark got a nice night year expecting to entertaining baseball and before you can blankets five nothing your offense hasn't been hitting what do they get outskirt twenty one to one against the braves but it's good for the concession stands because people run to the concession stands instead of sitting there really did they sell relates with scott no and i and i hate to say it may it's worse because the yankees are so good and it's not stanton it's you know the the funny thing is is i actually root don't people are going to send me hate mail now but i kinda rooted for the yankees last year too because i love young players i do i i mean and that's why the braves are exciting to me because they have really good young players.

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