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The whole album is is is very good, but if I had to pick one I would pick the second strike desire, be desire go. What about you've Lana? tough one, but I think. Bowl darrow time I. really enjoy that one even though I. think that when I revisit this record that might change because I like some other stuff to your Jeremy. Storm was a good track the first track. It's not meant to be the opening track. Excellent stuff immediately takes you back. To this Beatles sound from the famous Beatles period when they released what many people consider arguably their best material sergeant pepper's. Lonely Hearts, club, band and magical mystery tour, so if you like those records, you might find a lot to like here. But be prepared for more modern update it. Sound Yes we always appreciate what bands have that ability to change their sonic to experiment and we'll. We will definitely see it at with the rest of the. We're GONNA to talk about today. when it comes to reading. inner speaker is a well-deserved eight point five for me, and no doubt about it I will definitely go back to Salvador. Beckstrom Lana My rating would be seven point five so really good record. It does have a potential to grow on me, but right now my feeling is that it deserves seven point five. Which means that I recommend it. I think it's. It's a record that. You might want to check out especially if you like. The sound that we just described for you. The this kind of neo sixties Psychedelia if that's your cup of tea. And if you like band that are really invested in creating sonic landscapes, so to say, you may want to check out this record. All right so moving on now to the record called currency. We're skipping loaner ISM. And were jumping straits occurrence released in two thousand fifteen. A different approach different sound as you said lot. It was big in the year when it was released. It features they're. Super Big Song we all know and I think that's my first name. Policy Song ever the Leszno. The less they know, the better so might Were you around in certain venues or clubs when this album was all the rage. quite possibly. To be honest and can't recall hearing it specifically. Would I. Think is okay here. They really changed the sound. So this is not. This kind of neo sixty stuff anymore. Sure you can hear elements of that, too. But here the sound more like the stuff that you hear if you go. To An indie disco, so to say this kind of. Very. GROOVY MUSIC? Dance music in a way drenched melancholy. With these echo eve vocals. Lot of bands that kind of sound like this I think especially, I remember a few years back well, not few years back. It was more like ten years ago I went to Sweden and I went to a club in Stockholm. Was An indie rock club and indie pop in Iraq loud, which was a really cool place. You know like typical hipster place they had. Some kind of old film. Projected on the wall and there's there was a lot of music that that time was very much unknown to me. And a lot of it was very pleasant to listen to. Especially in that setting at night, there was this kind of melancholy to it. This. Yeah this type of very soothing pleasant vocals. And I really enjoyed that, and this is what current remind me off the most now that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, and I'll explain this. First of all when this record starts..

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