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Business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio twelve thirty eight on WBZ. Burlington police identifies suspect after graffiti has found inside an elementary school. The graffiti that resembled a poorly drawn swastika discovered on a brick wall of the pine Glen evidentiary school more was discovered on a door and a trash can the suspect was questioned by authorities. It was determined the graffiti was not a swastika, but rather her logo of the hip hop musical collective known as pro ERA the seven year old a seventeen year old suspect had placed similar postings on social media in the past the brother of the American ex-marine being held in. Russia's says Paul Wayland is not a spy in Washington Post op Ed is twinned David says his brother has four passports is nothing more than a tourist ABC's. Jillian MacFarlane with more from the foreign desk in London Russian news site with ties to the security services claims Wayland was caught with a classified list of Russian operatives saying that wheelin had been spying for the US for ten years trying to recruit Russians through internet, chatrooms and social media, but some speculating that this arrest is all about reciprocity after the illegal Russian agent Maria was arrested in July later, pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge. Wieland's lawyer says his client is planning on pleading not guilty. The fiance of this Colorado. Mom, Kelsey Berith is being sued by her parents ABC's aerial Russia with the latest parents Kelsey Barrett. Now filing a civil lawsuit against their daughter's fiance. Patrick Frasier just hours after he appeared in court on charges. He killed the Colorado mom this suit accusing him of wrongful death, claiming he acted it's either the perpetrator or excessive to the murder of Kelsey Barrett. Her parents, also. Alleging negligence saying frac- inflicted physical mental and emotional acts of violence upon Kelsey Berith prior to her death. There is last seen November twenty second Thanksgiving Day at a Safeway store with her daughter. A suburban Michigan woman who south side, Chicago, father, forge a friendship after.

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