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DJ from the conversation cuz I think it's an important conversation. And again as there was one of the premises for even having this discussion today. I actually ever since I talked to you about LL kind of taking some onus and saying how can I find song education to actually further on this conversation so someone in control someone that actually has some say in terms of how Finance to spend but then the state so we're going to continue this conversation, but I kind of wanted to bring back in just a little bit to make sure that we talk about So we've talked about struggle we talked about challenged. Let's talk about now the successes either that the formula of hat right? I kind of want to talk about some of the things that you're doing. Now that your boss baby over and what you're doing now to talk to the youth Spire that you bring about positive change and positive Focus inside and outside of of of Athletic Club and and how that relates to academics as well. Right because because everybody came like you say, everybody's not going to be on that on that 50 to man 53-man roster. Everyone's not going to be after on the field. Everyone's not going to be doing the UFC pay-per-view just watch it. You can talk with somebody in the head like that then you can but let's talk about some of that and and I think with that particular topic almost start with with mr. Bracey, and and I think we already dead is a loaded question is the softball, you know, what did you do one and your time sir? Well, you know what playing sports has has has taught me so much just about dead. Life and about myself and and I just if there's any young people watching this is where I that's where my Juices Flow there's any young people watching who who want to play sports and who are playing sports and and they're wondering how to sports transition into I don't want to say real life because playing sports is real life for some people but the theme everything that it has taken me I'm gonna talk first person it just taken me to to play baseball at a community college level play baseball at the division one level play some professional baseball and Canada all of those ingredients the the the practicing the determination and the discipline and doing the work in the offseason when nobody's looking and and that the camaraderie and all the things that it takes to make a team all skills. Those attributes are transferable. You can take those things and apply them anywhere else. And you're going to be successful in whatever it is. If you take what it take think about this tells you whatever it took for us to make our teams division one division to division Street. I believe it does not matter with those same skills can be applied to anything and you're going to be successful in most people don't have those. So just being an athlete put you in a different category. I know I remember when I was young wind it up that at the end of my baseball career two years or independent professional baseball in Canada. And I remember in my second year when we were on our bus trips going to all these little cities and playing ball man having a good time. I remember on those bus trips. I started thinking man. What am I going to do with my life? When I went when when when I'm done playing this game, what am I going to do with my life? I went to school here. I'd be I keep it. I didn't go to school to get an education. I went to school to play baseball education just came along. They were like, man. You don't got 20 units left. Might as well finish. Okay. Let me finish. Let me get this done. I did not care that much about my academics. I had my thoughts on being traded in the big leagues. So I'm thinking what am I going to do with my life? And here's what playing pro ball taught me and even college ball. That you can do what you love and get paid to do it. There was nobody in my life doing what they loved and getting paid to do it my people I love them but on Sundays everybody trying to find out how to catch a cold and not and call in on Monday and get one more day off after Sunday Night Football. So there was nobody in my world who I saw that loved what they did. So I said myself on that bus and this is probably why I never made it because I let a little inkling of Doubt Creeps in and started thinking about life after Sports and I said I am not going to settle hear me athletes if there's any young athletes listening, I'm not going to settle for something that I don't have a passion to do I'm going to find what I absolutely love to do off and just like Utah boy. Nobody's ever called me to book me and say hey, what did you where'd you go to school? What degree? Did you have? Not once I've been speaking for twenty-three years old boy not one song. Did somebody say what is your degree if I'm not saying? I'm not happy and grateful that I did it. I'm not saying that I'm just saying it's never happened to me. And as soon as somebody gave me a cassette tape y'all remember cassette tapes. Don't leave me out here until about the truck. I'll put a cassette tape in my home Pontiac Grand Am and I'll push that cassette tape in there. Somebody else to me when I pushed it in there. It was the voice of the legendary the Jackie Robinson emotional speaking. His name is Les Brown. We all know him. I've heard Les Brown voice for the first I didn't even know you could get paid to talk except for the Muhammad Ali and in the future, you know, it's a month when I put that tape in my tape deck and it got stuck in my tape deck. Think about I'm driving Pontiac Grand nail stuck in my tape that I couldn't eject it. I couldn't turn it off every time I turned it on his voice. Was talking to me and I said to myself right at my transition period from baseball to what I'm listening to this tape three months and my takedown you have money to get it fixed. I said to myself. You know, what all this dude is doing is telling his story. I see you I see I said to myself all this man is doing is.

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