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Everyone's right art, but I wouldn't call it a concern. Just yet, you know, the the fact is this team last season was elite defensively and and pretty good offensively right now this season with the same group of guys basically they've been elite ostensibly, I think second nationally offense inefficiency, but they just kinda okay? Top thirtyish defensively, and it's the same guys. And you saw the Alabama game end Vanderbilt game when they needed to get stops late. They went back and kind of channel that formed from last season and they made the plays. But where is that during during the game itself? So yeah, I mean, I think that's part of it. But also, I think Tennessee in the second half of that game. I don't think the defense was terrible. I think the defense was terrible for parts of the first half lead. Vandy get in the game and get rhythm. And then once that happened, and you started making crazy shots and all kinds of great place. So I think the fault is in letting them get going. Not where they got. But. Yeah, I mean, you're number one you're going to get everyone's best shot. I think Barnes for the best. That's the that's the bed. They've made for themselves. And now they're going to have to get used to it. Because I'd say Bobby hugging or Huggins. There must Virginia. They're gonna do the same thing. They're gonna come in there and play physical and they're going to get immigration. And then they go to Carolina next week. And it's the same thing. So yeah, I mean, they're going to have to get used to this. This is there like West Virginia coming off a big win. Well, let me ask you about grant Williams, and I realized the people around the very familiar with them especially after his season a year ago. But there was people around the country who are going like what in the world is going on here. Give us the backstory on grant. And and just what makes him tick because that was an amazing performance. It was Paul and he's been, you know, maybe not to that level. But he's been playing sorta life that in the past two seasons. And he's the guy who came North Carolina Charlotte and a lot of people kind of thought he was a Twitter. Prospect. You know, none of the none of the North Carolina. Power wanted him Kentucky Kansas those programs. They they never sniffed him. And he was gonna go to the league. He was he's a really smart kid as mom works at NASA. You know, the kids speaks three languages play seven years ago instruments. He was a nationally ranked chess player when he was young. He's just a really kinda renaissance kid, and he does a lot of things. But people thought he may not have the the body may not have the size and athleticism to play at the highest levels. But he's turned all that wrong because red barn saw as a prospect and saw him make one spinning moving dunk in a game and said, wait that gives the great athlete, and he started pursuing him or and Tennessee convinced him to not go to Harvard or Yale Princeton or any of those and he came to Tennessee, and he's kind of blossomed he's an elite athlete for that size. He's really quick. He's really smart, and he's tough. And he's the guy who's got a great offense of game to me. He starting to look a little bit like quotas. Williamson, you know, people every time you see a slightly undersized power forward. Maketplace SEC people always go Barkley Barkley. He's the next Barclay. Not don't think he's not at all. I think he's more of the corals Williamson. And I think he's a guy who is gonna keep producing this level. So it comes out of providence day in Charlotte, which is produced athletes in the past. And you know, he's he's literally down the road from the mecca of college basketball either side of the street, you wanna go whether it's Chapel Hill or Durham did any of those schools. I know you said they didn't really pay any attention. Did they did they have minimal interest or just no interest? Very little interest. I think is a good way to put Paul they. And I think Jay Bill will be able to tell you to 'cause he's lives in that area and really involved with basketball and that area, and he knew grant pretty well..

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