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So you you're starting to now explore at this point where what's going to be How did you go about that exploration. Well fortunately as mentioned by Chosen to pursue decree at yale part of that choice. In addition to the the excellent gonna focus genetics program was it was my first exposure to a true university. Georgia tech was incredible education in the math and science. But it's pretty. It is in the name. It's technical so i hadn't really had Access to Broader education people and resources Outside of the technical discipline. So i started really taking advantage of that at aol. I took classes in film. I took classes in economics. Joined the no gilbert and sullivan society. Much to my advisers. I think chagrin. Because i think mostly when people get into the third and fourth year phd. They're super focused on turning out the papers and getting the post doc in it's time to time to buckle down and be focused and i was going in the opposite direction just really casting the net wide Availing myself of the excellence. That was there at yale. Basically in all in all disciplines okay. So you're this is the part of the process the exploring of what we now call you know alternative careers with advanced scientific degree Which was very upsetting to a lot of people they just could not conceive of. Why do i had a colleague who after having this conversation a few times with him at some point he said. Now i get it jenny. I can see why would do something less than the search. And he thought he was finally being. You know supportive now. Now there's just another world out there guys and i see some of it. So how did you end up going into the financial world Well i love my career decisions until the most recent one as you can hear where motivated around knowledge and skill acquisition and so i was a really explored through conversations through career etc A broad range of what do you do if you know science but want to have a different function in the world than making more of it. I was elected patent law. I looked at science writing education. I was fortunate than at the time Mackenzie the management consulting for was recruiting. Pretty heavily from a non mba programs from in particular science programs. The theory being. Hey we need. We need more critical thinkers who are quantity quantitative analytical And then we can then. We can possibly get from the best nba schools. Let's recruit some from science and engineering and we will teach them business. I didn't know what business was it. A note consulting was. I'd never had a non technical job But what it sounded like was oh every three or four months or so. I'm going to be presented with a really hard problem. Have to solve it and in doing so gonna learn a whole lot about something entirely new and you can imagine given given our conversation so far. How appealing that was well. Yeah if you're a self directed oriented learner Yeah you. That's that's great variety. That's right throw throw me in right So that was appealing. I figure it again. Kind of optionality. No matter what i do next i will have been trained in business. Strategy in seen a variety of different kinds of jobs and careers in the clincher. Was going through the incredibly rigorous Interview process multiple rounds of interviews. Just was so impressed with the people. I i wanna be. I want to be my peers. I want to learn from them. I want to be challenged by them. So if i could throw myself into this environment. It's a it's a no regret. Move no matter what happens next. So what kind of companies did you get to know or were these fortune. Five hundred type issues you're dealing with. Yeah is typically more like fortune fifty right so mckinsey as large very established Very high end management consulting and so we be brought in by the c. suite of top ten farmer for example to think about our strategy or One was a biotech strategy. Which it's funny that the that was even the framing. Then of the pharma companies. What should we do about this whole biotech thing. That seems to be seems to be coming along so so mostly very very large pharma. Biotech and that we're thinking about top level global strategic questions. And you enjoy this. I hated it. You hate it so it turns out that very large successful companies are necessarily correlated with speed creativity and innovation in so Loved the work of solving the problems but it it felt it felt slow. It felt weirdly wrapped up in in political issues that had nothing to do with the quality of the science or the nature of the market opportunity. the sort of dynamics that that frankly don't motivate me and i'm not necessarily very good at So that was. That was getting kind of frustrating. This was right around two thousand as well. So the human genome project had been declared complete with clearly going to be the age of the genome Here i was with freshly minted now. Phd in the discipline. Who wasn't really getting to touch all of that change and innovation. It felt very far away from you. Know this tweeted Ten so was that when you went over to investing a couple more steps the the changing moment there really that defining moment. I'm so grateful that i got staffed project. In summer of two thousand consulting to athy metrics see cbo was at the home. The the company was was public very high growth.

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