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Just by listening to this podcast last month. We looked in the happiness. Like what kind of happiness last the longest and the myth about happiness that we chase. And how happiness as like a muscle that we can exercise and watch it grow. And it was a great start to twenty nineteen. And we highly encourage you to take a listen to those episodes. If you haven't checked him out already now, we're onto February a new month, which means we're going to dive into something different. And since February is always wrapped up in romance as in Valentine's Day. Well, we've thought it'd be a great time to take a look at relationships. Yes, relationships the things that allows to good hold us up our motion support. And also that could be our driver in the success. And as we learned last month, they are the foundation of that happiness. We all seek now last month was all about happiness. And in our two part toolbox episode. We looked at the science behind happiness. We talked about how happiness is not synonymous with pleasure or comfort, which a lot of us have that misconception. But rather comes down to. Living a meaningful life. We also discussed the two major contributors to that meaningful and happy life purpose and relationships. Now, those toolbox episodes are jam packed with information about the cutting edge research in the field of happiness, if you haven't already checked him out double back and check out those episodes from last month. Our interview last month was with none other than Dr Russ Harris, author of the happiness trap. Now. He's one of the leading authorities in the field of acceptance and commitment therapy on which so much of our coaching programs are based so double back and check that episode out as well. The happiness trap is real. And we wanna help you overcome a lot of those mis and certainly one of the concepts that he talks about with values is gonna play a role in what we talk about today because those values are very important. And of course, when it comes to relationships those values if they're going to be similar can really strengthen and help a relationship in very positive, and we also gonna talk about happens. When we have some negative allies being passed in our relationships. Now, we wrap the month of January with the Q and A episode of which Kristofferson headlights CEO of high moment joined us to answer your questions. That's a great app. If you haven't checked it out already all around the science of happiness now this month. We're excited to kick off our entire month dedicated to relationships as we heard last month that is a major contributor to our personal happiness and well-being this month. We're going to be tackling just that what do we mean by relationships? How do we build them? What's the science behind them? And of course, we have Valentine's Day coming up where relationships are on the forefront of everyone's mind, but don't worry. This toolbox episode is not about the best chocolates or flower shops. We're gonna talk about what it means to be in a relationship with someone and we wanna help you build better relationships. In fact, that is our why here at the order charm. I know myself personally seeing my dad. Dads struggle in marriage. Ultimately getting divorced the importance of relationship on one's health happiness, and even wealth is honestly proven by science proven by all of our life story. So we want to take a look at how we can start building better relationships. Now, we've talked about concrete techniques to build and maintain relationships in previous episodes. We're going to link those in the show notes below. We wanna talk in this toolbox. The deepest dive we can take on relationships, especially social networks, a lot of us think of social networks, and we may not realize the impact that friends of friends and friends of friends of friends are having so before skipping ahead. Too much. Let's take a look at some of the science and challenges that we run into when it comes to relationships. I'm super excited to get into it. So let's go. If you listen to part two of our toolbox. Episode unhappiness, you know, that.

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