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She can use it offensively to maneuver opponents around the court is such it is such a good shot. It's sort of such quiet total mastery of the game of tennis that Barty seems to have developed at the moment. And the way she's serving and rolling through games on her serve as well, just sets her up for the rest of the game to flourish. Well, in the final, she will be playing somebody who has beaten her before in Australia. Who knows how significant that will be, but I'm sure it'll be in the mind of Daniel Corden when she takes to the court on Saturday Collins today, be eager on tech 6 four, 6 one. It was just in the zone stuff from Danielle Collins that sort of purple patch match that we all dream of having one day. Every time you unzip your bag, you think, today could be the day. It's never the day. But for Daniel Collins today, it was one of those days she was just brilliant she if possible up her level of aggression and intensity. Certainly aggression there was some stats coming up, I think, certainly on the coverage out here showing that she had added about 5 mph to her average backhand speed. She was just absolutely drilling her shots with just confidence in commitment to the extent that ego Schwann tech said after the match that that was the hardest ball she'd ever faced. In a match, she said, look, there are players that hit the ball harder than that in practice, but they usually take a lot off the ball in a match, you know, to reign in the margin for error. So, you know, I think if Collins is a big hitter, I don't think of her as one of the biggest strikes out there, but I wonder if she was just so confident. I'm feeling it so much that she was hitting the ball as big as she possibly could and just trusting that it would go in and not worrying about margin for error. Especially that backhand because she's so confident with it. That is her shot and Darren Cahill, who is there, I think, doing ESPN court side coverage. He made a little cameo pop up on eurosport, and he said, look, after the first set, he said, the first thing shown tech's got to do is stop feeding that backhand. She's got to start going to the forehand more. And next thing, you know, just as in the first set, it was three love in a blink of an eye. And the stats were coming up, and she was going way too much to the full hand to the backhand rather and just feed in that shot. And Collins was sitting on it and when she strikes the thing and often she'll go across court too, she'll give herself a maximum margin for error, hit it as hard as she possibly can. And it is like a catapult coming out of the racket and you know, you're on the defensive and actually that shot to the body, slice back and most likely will be a fascinating visual, I think, and to see where that ends up. Ego shrunk serve, I think was shown up tonight. Look, we know it's not necessarily the strongest part of her game and perhaps never will be a big weapon, but it was attacked viciously tonight, you know she was frantic was just looking stranded after the service delivery and the fact that Daniel Collins was serving sir will herself. It just, you know, as schwantz said, impressed, she just didn't really stand a chance. Given all that. But I got the impression from what she said impressed. She really knows she needs to try and beef up that so she was talking a lot about the fact that she feels there are a lot of areas she can improve with her in her game, and she's glad about that. She said, look, if there were no areas that I could improve, then that would be pretty bad news because I'd be losing like I did tonight. But it's going to be interesting. What she can do with that shot because I don't have the technical knowledge to know whether she needs to change the motion at all to get more out of it or whether it just needs time and attention. I don't know that, but I do think it needs beefing up for hardcourts. And I certainly think she is ambitious about having success on surfaces beyond clay. I also think she was not a step slow tonight, but just perhaps didn't have the energy to even try and match Collins for intensity. You know, I know probably not anybody can actually match her for intensity. But that's quite an intimidating and fearsome thing, I think, to have across the court from you and she won't take looked not up for the fight, really, not that she wasn't fighting for it out there, she was, but, you know, I'm not sure she was bare knuckle fighting the way that Danielle Collins wanted to. They're different characters, aren't they? But I mean, I think the interesting thing with Collins is I only really she had a really dug into the massively vocal come on and let's go when she started to feel.

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