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Knew that i was going to talk to you by the group of eightyearolds in the st louis area in belleville illinois eightyearold kids plane pewee football and the at the coach's urging they all took a knee during the starspangled banner during the national anthem bunch eight year old kids he's a third grabs bill now what now which i saw i could think of is what are these eightyearold kids going to grow to when they become young adults and when they mature they're going to remember that disrespecting the country in the national anthem because i guess an activist coach thinks that all of these kids and on all the parents approved of the death i was the great i thought it was the greatest corner the news reports out of st louis greatest thing going bunch of eightyearolds on their knee during the starspangled banner a protest over st louis well we've already seen of who wish of that with his you'd know hillock controversy on espn there's a young black woman professional all right who worked away up and yachts in the responsibility and then says um you know that president trump and all the people that work around him a white supremacist said she believes that she believes it in our heart rank well how when you come to that conclusion if i were talking right now to jemil hill you think he knows anything about white supremacy the shoot you know i mean it's kids force they tell her that this is what our culture is he's the end game that all your listeners should not follow the statute business at school business if pc business and indoctrination is leading to say hall for a complete revision of the constitution of the united states right you see it we weren't talking about white supremacy a year ago this us happened after the stunning election and now the far left the pc forces are basically saying our constitution was founded by white premise we we do the whole thing right the game now i shuddered i shed from day one there's no you've got to take down the washington monument you've got a that you you better dismantle the jefferson memorial you'd better rename new new york mayor de blasio i say blown socialist yep a guy honeymoon in cuba in cuba violating the embargo reggae he's now one uh a pole down columbus the statue and grants to and on and on and.

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