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Braves, Nick Marck, Astros discussed on Ordway, Merloni and Fauria


To do it a hundred percent disagree with the way they did it Nick Marck cake it's of the Braves they all need to be about the Astros O. K. interesting so yesterday on the show we told you about a global book that had put out odds as to hit by pitches which astral players would lead the team in hit by pitch is how many times would individuals into like Alex Bregman use the number was ten happy times we get hit this season at ten and a half and so we thought it was funny in a funny topic and then today William Hill jumped in on this and they became the first US based book to do it and everybody's been attributing this saying you know really unique betting options when Helen okay but like if they are following okay I do think people would like to bet on it but I do think they realize that there's a market for this people really are mad at the Astros so a chance to bet on the number of times they get tagged is I think they put eighty three and a half for the entire team for the entire year which I I mean is impossible to figure this out but we do the numbers we pulled up the Alex Bregman numbers at ten and a half he had been hit like seven twelve and nine times over the last three seasons so ten and a half is kind of the aggregate you know the average of those three year so it's not like he's gonna get hit in all more than normal that's kinda would be I mean if you get ten eleven times that's less than what he was hit a couple years going have twelve times so I I don't necessarily believe the Astros are going to get hit more I also think that in the beginning part of the year everyone's going to be watching and it's going to be a super sensitive conversation I just expect borderline thirty against the Astros spikes up going into second base spikes up running to first base you're gonna stop one anyway if the first base with got his leg over the base and all your spike in it the Achilles when you're coming down not gonna think twice about it I think those the plays that are far more likely to be happening consistently to the Astros that is going to be pictures picking up a baseball in throwing at somebody's head that I think there's going to be zero tolerance for I just wonder about all the other ways you can hurt somebody hit somebody you know be physical with somebody you know when someone's coming back to first base you're gonna grab the first baseman gonna slap the tag on hard right not like ham to touch you I'm gonna grab it and I'm gonna snap that tag right on you so those are the ways I think people will eight and I think it was gonna get the Astros best shot on top of that not only is it going to beat me up an angry crowd I think you're gonna have an angry home team when the Astros go into it in I mean again the the Astros defense the media the fences for the Astros is awesome like the Astros media is just circling the wagons and I and I get it I mean rich media did it too but this is worse I mean I've tried like I in my brain like not because I'm a patriot fan I mean heck I'm wearing a patriots had at the moment I know what I'm about to say is going to be laughed by some people who are going to go what this is not worth the patriots but this is worse than the patriots the patriots Spygate it's very similar to this Spygate in terms of how long we don't know what the patriots did into the unknown leads to all types of speculation what we know is the patriots did tape the New York Jets and they got caught doing it how long did they tape jet signals how long were they tipping their their opposition signals we don't really know all right sure it's got hit they pay their parents and they went on it had nothing to do with the players the all the players were the beneficiary of it but the players weren't the ones doing it it was paid three employees who were doing it bill Belichick that's when he got hit with the half million other find that's why the team got hammered with a first round pick because it was a team thing this wasn't just a team thing this was a player thing this was done by the players any yes management was involved and they knew about it they can don't it they helped it happened but this was an institutional cheating situation this is not just a one player taking steroids or one coach stealing signs this is across the board everyone knew what was going on including holier than thou Justin Verlander okay who now I think has a major hypocrite problem and he's trying to you know I should have said something arches ball god blah blah blah no credibility Verlander can no longer talk he was a guide you always go to when it came to cheating cheaters and he was always seen as this guy who did the right way yet his team won a championship the one they call on his resume was a championship he got that crossed off thanks to his teammates cheating did he cheat now his teammates treated but he allowed it he didn't say anything not to say he could have said anything but he allowed it it happened now do you Martinez the red Sox yesterday had a chance to say that the red Sox did not cheat he didn't do that he did do that but he did say what he thinks will happen going forward and whether or not a cheating scandal like this using video cameras and replays in doing it throughout the entire team not just a player or two but the whole team doing it he did say yesterday that he thinks it will never happen I think from here on out it's gonna be a different.

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Braves, Nick Marck, Astros discussed on Ordway, Merloni and Fauria

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