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The appreciate it getting a small salary and low is willing to release whatever he had at that time would he's writing a lot of children's songs his own kids so one right. Little record came out after another and then came out ten inch Lp called this land is your land and one of the songs in. It was a song that I remember thinking was one of Woody's lesser efforts Said so simple the EDP D D D D D D be well. I taught a lesson. It was a triumph of simplicity. Mold like that Song you remember when I oh well. That's why he you title the record after the sub is always only one a dozen songs on the record. This land is your land and this land is my land and the California New York. I land a great story. Like I said. We'll listen to a fabulous the royalties and songs the end. But it's really slight from this interviews quite hard to hear some of the questions because Tony Chevron was very kitty pointing the MIC to the subject. Which is good thing? I've really enjoyed digitizing to and whatever one thinks about about Pete and his music. He was amount of numerous moral integrity and ahead. And this is not long after my lashes died coups and the Smithsonian is a quad default quays catalog and it still keeps the entire catalogue as it were imprint of after all these years. Which is a laudable thing and I think tiny goes up to because Pete had this amazing house on the Hudson River and the Hudson River became very important part of his life and music. It's actually I founded upset you fascinating not not knowing that much about folk ways or even Woody Guthrie I. I felt sort of kind of privileged. To hear this mock. You have to remember Pete. Headlock with lead belly to said he does talk about lead belly. Absolutely crucial does outlet. Billy No van Morrison and well lead belly new. I went to see Lebanese widow. The one of my one of my pilgrimages gene on that Sam Gerry Davis Jeff. I went I open to Qatar case. There was the twelve string Gary Davis and she said Yeah Yeah. He's done cool son so and I went down to Greenwich Village very was we took a fantastic. So it's interesting because the lead belly have will things as festival. The lomax connection basically being kind of inverse comes rescued than appallingly patronized. By the elder lomax is it. Allan the father I Aldea this terrible video. You can find it on on film. You can find youtube where it's lead belly. Alan Lomax is and he's been busy. Told to dress in overalls and go. Yes yes yes yes yes to this. This guy. The lead belly actually wants to address and smart clothes and gallivant with the goals. And have a drink fine liquor. Lots of he was no steph infection and he resented he he fell out with Alan limits. I should successfully sued Ellen and Loma. Tv. Yes which is pretty amazing. Probably with the help of Mo- ash of course living in New York City living on a plantation. And it's interesting to hit. Pete talk about this like second or third full woke up on the. Larry saw I think between Avenue B. and C. Which which is where Mr Mrs Lead Perry leave and it a little details like that absolutely had a really good relationship with more you know about the relationship you have with the low maxes anyway. Really feel you people out there have a listen to this is really fascinating right so great Jones to get your kind of personal input so fantastic and as we were please stick around because networks going to just talk through some of his highlights from the new library pieces this way. You can just jump in if anything if the mood takes. First thing is against new government but Philip elwood's San Francisco Zometa and he sees the classic Coltrane Quartet. Live in San Francisco to sixty five. This is won't Jimmy Garrett Cole McCoy tyner Elvin Jones. This is like a coach. Great unfiltered says the best of jazz always most hustle and communicative musical Fulham co-trainers expanding jazz out to undefined horizons and though the destination often seems uncertain. The ways obviously well. Charleston is astonishingly imaginative and creative. Mind it's this. Great is this is a nineteen sixty-five review swatting my job. Nice piece arising out. He's very good. A second thing is on credited though. I suspect by music. Echoes House Hippie. Hugh Nolan reviews velvet underground. Nikko munching sixty. Which is throughout many reveals the Velvet Underground Nico. He says he's heartbroken. Royal brought up to date let Christie an electric Viola adds a distinctive cruel harsh note particularly Yvonne Venus infers and her and to the best tracks on the album which are never let us get played in the BBC. Let me see the skating. Threw up seventy six Michael Watts reviews Keeton Anna mcgarrigle at opponents debut album from those two and he'd love it's a long reviews like twelve hundred words which is a long review he says. As far as the album's consent cates writing slightly do the more consistent pops and yet honest heart like a wheel isn't Piece attender slope leading Song in which the lyrics are exquisite shaped by vocals themselves around. The Melody Welled Up Michael Barr. One of the most beautiful songs ever written we on to Great James. Yeah yes I do. I absolutely so good at those kind of stone..

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