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The eighties for the valleys inland empire. Mid sixties in the mountains desert's upper seventies of each other statement with us today through Sunday afternoon. We'll watch a cooling trend into the weekend could see some drizzle on Sunday. And then again into the middle of the work week was other. California's most accurate and dependable forecast, I'm CBS to urologists Danielle Kirsch can extend seventy NewsRadio. But right now, partly sunny, Burbank, it's sixty three degrees in jets worth sixty four. And in Santa Ana right now, it's sixty nine degrees, of course, brick having all the big story in. Washington. We're going to get to that in just a moment. But there's a guy who drives for both Uber and lift in the van is area. And he's been accused of attacking a passenger alleged sexual assault happened earlier in the week when a woman had to lift driver, bring her home from a local pub LAPD detective say Octavio Alvarez Gomez sexually assaulted his passenger once they ride or a neighborhood he was arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping among other fences bail was set at more than two million dollars. But as investigators continue to dig into the case, they're worried he may have sexually assaulted other passengers so they're asking people who know the man to come forward as they tried to track down. Additional victims Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio big day of protests up on Capitol Hill. Again, today the Senate voting about oh what an hour and a half ago. I guess it was fifty one forty nine to advance the bread cabinet nomination to the floor for a vote tomorrow. Washington political analyst David Mark telling Kennex in this looks like it's going to go for the Republicans. Look. Cavanaugh we'll get through by the barest of majorities, but a win is a win, and he'll will likely be on the supreme court after Saturday. Now, California's Dianne Feinstein democrat made the final plea for a no vote on the procedural vote. This morning. Based on all the factors. We have before us. I do not believe judge cavenaugh has earned this seat. So she was trying to rally the Democrats all of whom voted against advancing this with the exception of one. And that was democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia, those currently facing very strong opposition from a Republican for his seat in the election nineteen at KNX illegal marijuana farms being targeted by cops in California with the state attorney general announcing fifty two arrests recent raids say they hit about two hundred fifty farms across the state destroy more than six hundred thousand marijuana plants and taken in more than one hundred guns. Police in Mission Hills. The person that affected a homeless couple. They were just sleeping in a park. He threw battery acid on them. The amounted woman say is the third time they've been hit in recent weeks. The last couple of times he got drenched with gasoline then with bleach each of the attacks happened while they were sleeping in the park and this lace latest incident, both suffered Saberi severe chemical burns nine twenty at Cana..

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