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A great word, including these salted, caramel mocha and the, t- vonda pumpkin spice CHAI tea latte We'll also launched that day Care about such thing I I like, it is pumpkin flavored coffee but it's got to be in the low eighties if. Not high seventy s night Welter wa wa. Does a coffee that is not called pumpkin called holiday or something and starts coming around, like October ish and, it puts every pumpkin spice, to shame it's got like. A little bit of everything that was probably, some pumpkin essence in there but some cloves cinnamon a real movement with wa wa Oh yeah there's a very pro? Wa movement, out there behind him as much as some people are I think they're foods mediocre and I think they're better, up north but this holiday coffee this special. I think you'd like it I got you do grab a life who might you be, I c. j. city, how Arias plant city what's, up Well I hate to go through. Such a wonderful subject to, not such, a great, one on occasion I tune into your. Radio. Just what you're. Talking about. And the last couple of days I tuned in a couple of times to hear that. You got hit in the head I didn't watch the video or, anything but I asked, the young, man when he answered the. Phone if you guys had discussed you. Know brain injuries netjets? From simple blows to. The head okay instead you hadn't I would though sounds there is nothing I enjoy. More than with ten minutes left in, the show talking about brain injuries for sure it's a fun. Topic well no you just, really have, to be, careful because it's just a simple blow. To. Actually kill someone.

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