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I said guys I said guys at a I was trying really hard to say guys a show one time and then a woman who is probably in her sixties waited afterwards and was like I didn't fight for your rights in the seventy s to be called a guys. I'm a woman and I just went like sorry. I totally agree. Thank you don't know what to say could so veggie waited upstage. Yeah it's a lot it's a lot to try to navigate inclusively in a way that feels speech natural when your job abyss to speak and I mean I'm not trying get. I'll try forever yeah happy to try forever. Yup just isn't evolution yeah it is I wanNA talk a little bit about you. I mean even before we started talking and I I just I feel like I haven't Ernest because of what my job is like so you're sort of a spokesperson. I don't know that that's what you meant went to be. do you mean to spokesperson didn't see it coming yeah. I thought I was going to be feminist spokesperson. It didn't occur to me that I was GONNA. It'd be a queer spokesperson or a Trans Person. Spokesperson Trans Spokeperson Trend Spence trans spokes a person. When when did you realize you might be maybe a couple years ago. I mean yeah as transparent started getting more successful than I realized that I was. GonNa have these public speaking moments like awards and stuff. I realized that I was speaking the Trans Community. was there a specific moment and or. I think it's time I realized that I was doing public. Speaking I do remember having a feeling having a moment like in my room in my bedroom and my other house like the the mantle where the mantle was clear to me where I was like Holy Shit. I got to get this right. I'm I'm doing this for all. These people like they're gonNA look to me as their spokesperson didn't really occur to me about my own gender identity and my own Qurna even it felt more like as the daughter order of Trans Person. This has become I was. I felt like sort of the vodka of the you know the probably she feels. I'm sure really similar taller. She does seem like she cares. The widows hold on her show. Shushi was thoughtful. This is what my parent is up to. This is going to mean something to me as well right. Did you have have a conversation with your parent as you realized that like. was there a moment we're you said. I think I'm going to have to be this thing. I think it was like our whole family is going to become this uh-huh because when my parents I when I when I I told my parents had written the pilot in the first place before it even got picked up. They were pretty nervous about what this would mean for people who knew that I'm a new US and you know close friends acquaintances entrances total strangers each one is a different kind of reality when the show comes out so you know what my parent wasn't really out. I I don't think in the beginning and so there was a real concerned concern and I think at one point my sister and I and my parents all four of us really sat and had the conversation of like a we are. We're big our family because of the fans are in some ways going to be a mascot for some people people a mascot family so let's go get big bear costumes and just go for it no no but my my Mapa who we use that word Word Mapa that they use un-transparent like she you know we all had slowly but surely except that mantle and say people are going to look to us to speak for community and that's fine. It's more like an honor and we feel so lucky that we get to. Oh yeah I mean that's. I'm so happy that it feels that way because I don't another would feel that way to everybody. That's really great. It does yeah for you guys. I think what coming from is just is my family my personal personal experience and my life in my art to and I do think that there's a you have to ray what you we know and especially when it's an underrepresented viewpoint that you happen to fall in you have to talk about it but it is a weird situation to be in in terms of just I don't know like Living One's life yeah way that other people consume yeah so interesting thing to be yeah. I always knew that when I started doing comedy like I don't think it's gross to think about my act as a product and I I think you know me as a small business person but I am very aware of like what things fall on the line of like. That's actually that person's thing to talk about right now very early on I was processing a lot of my dad took my coming out on stage. Yeah my parents are supportive. I like to a fault and would bring like giants swaths of their friends to come sit in the audience and hear me talk about like how difficult it was us and it was a weird position to be in yeah have you. Do you hear from people that you get that. You grew up with or little bit yeah because we have facebook so we've talk kind of each other all right. We'll Jill what's next. What are you working on right now. Let's get getting ready to go to province town for vacation for for to have you been there. Yes so fun. It is fun and I'm really putting a lot of effort into those two weeks the same way the Kardashians today when they go on vacation Asian they talk about making memories they produce chunks of their life to generate memory making so prior point. That's the way that you end up having John like you have fun because you realize after the past few hours you've been making memories raised by like renting a boat jumping off the boatman yelling yellow when you jump to be funny to make fun of people who make memories on purpose for their TV show that's kind of how I get to figure out a really bad. I really love. That's what we do. We go to we'd go to province town. We try to figure how to relax and then we do so by imitating the way the Kardashians party on a boater province on is fascinating resort town. It's it's a historically. You must kill there. Have you ever gone to comedy there. I have but there's a lot of gay men I was yeah. I was there and I realized that it was tw- inc week like that. Is there a descriptive or not mind yeah and you do well at twin quake. They were less interested in me. Yeah I mean I. It was a situation. You have to Busk you've to stand in front of your theater. If you perform in province town it's normal to be out in the they're like hey come see my show tonight in your hand out flyers and I was literally handing out flyers to go see me do stand up next to somebody who's getting just an on the street blowjob while right. They're getting one on the street yeah and so I mean like now that never seen that I this was also a first for me and I you also felt like I don't. I'm not sure that you should come to this. Show Yeah Experience Santa here. This seems like a yeah yeah. That's what it is but I haven't got re booked for like whatever it's called like like lesbian week or whatever the thing the lady eighty yeah right last year but I had to cancel I couldn't I couldn't go because I had like something. Come up with a take my wife to be so traumatic memory of seeing a man John Street. I don't know I will look right at it. That's me yeah as as a human well. I I mean I'm fascinated in p. town and province town about the Dick Doc. Did you hear about the Dick doc no but it sounds like an amazing clock. It's not it's not like doc o'clock. Tell me more about well. There is a time that is dicta clock which is when everyone goes to a particular hotel and there's a doc out in the back glunz endured the doc you can go and get fondled. I have heard blown and so I almost did stand up when I was there because I wanted to talk about like the lesbian version like where the lesbians are all meeting up you know because it seems so absurd just to really imagine like you and me and like ninety lesbians like going somewhere where we're all kind of like walking up to each other and stroking our pussies and like taking turns giving each other all sacks and then like moving on absolutely wars such looking looking at art together reading books frames. I started to think about this snatch patch snatch prejudice good and get started where women go and just like make tea for each other I when I think of pro province on I think about the fact that like if since Massachusetts is that arm arm yeah that like in terms of queer history you could not go further off the United States. They fall into the ocean that is true. That is where people had to go that is true like literally like. Can we be here or do you need us to actually fall off the tip and die and that's how gay cruises were like. No you cannot be province town. Please get on a boat fire island. Same everything is just like pushed ashed yup into the water out there. I know I'm excited for you. I'm excited to that's what I'm GonNa do for the next few weeks and then I'm going to come back and do some more my rabble-rousing right by trans parenting. I love digging how toppling my general toddler and your general tackling so. How do you stay motivated in an amped to get back in the ring. I just I'm always motivated out. I have to try not to be oh. We're the same yeah yeah. I wake up motivated an APP. I have to remember that there are humans who love you who want IHR tension but I if my own devices I would write all day long. God and I would rabble rouse all day. I would produce an I love. It makes me really happy. Why do you need it. I feel like I need love working. I love relaxing working me too weird. I don't relax by relaxing. Yes we're unusual to plan on a good time and I totally understand the backing into it. I'm going to get so many things out of this. I have a box of I can check all of these. We're going to name name it. We're GonNa Kardashian as making memories so we need to rent a boat poor RIA on our honeymoon I was like I don't think you understand how many waterfalls I've researched on Hawaii but like we do you like longest yeah. We got to hike up. She was disarray and no how to relax. Yes that's great. You're very lucky I am very lucky she doesn't relax. It's a major point of tension in relationship in a good way chosen a chosen tension point yeah. Everybody needs one yeah. Yes one of few but yeah. What are your other ones well I don't Graham crackers now. I don't feel like I need permission to do anything. I think I think it has raised a little bit. I was reading this like very macho Macho Italian household and kind of like a boy because some by parents my dad specifically could see like something was going on with me were you. Were talking about earlier about like you're sixteen and you get boobs and people at bus stops are perceiving certain way. That didn't happen to me Um. I don't know why that is. I think I don't know why that is. I know that you've always had a bit of a lesbian posture and people could read it from miles away. Yeah you do have lesbian line. I take that as a compliment friendly pointed out there such thing as lesbian line that you can just look at a particular yeah and like there's something about a particular like Chin Jaw..

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