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And that I love that you are doing. And I love that you are willing to make some changes. You're willing to take some risks and make some changes that you know are going to be maybe unpopular. And that includes today tamika catching stepping down as general manager. This was a tough one to swallow because if you listen to our art W 25, like our top 25 players of all time, we listed and named tamika catchings as our number one overall the goat. So this is, we have major love and respect for tamika catchings. She has done about as much for the game of women's basketball as anybody. That being said, she hasn't performed well as a general manager. And I don't know if all of it is on her. I think that a significant portion comes from other areas within the organization. But it just hasn't gotten it done. So tamika catchings has to step down as general manager and that's tough because she's a legend in Indy. And so I love that they're willing to do that. I love that they are willing to take that next step. Do the hard thing and maybe really start fresh and not starting fresh as a roster, but starting fresh as a front office. And maybe that's where some of the changes need to take place. So Indy, that's something that as hard as it was for you to do and as hard as it was for us who are huge to make it catching fans to see, I think this is something that I love because I hope this is the first step in the right direction for this franchise. Please be the right step. It would be a step in the right direction for the Indiana fever because I so dearly want to see them back contending in the playoffs. All right, Atlanta, let's go to you. Let's go to you and we're going to actually stay in the front office. We're going to stay in the front office of Atlanta as well. It lands got a brand new ownership group prior to last season. And this ownership group has come out and basically handled some of the really difficult issues that have arisen and handled them with confidence and with surety, all right? Now, whether or not you agree with how they were handled is a different story. Things with Kennedy Carter sitting basically the entire second half of the season, not playing at all, even though she was totally healthy. Courtney Williams and the dream basically saying, we're not going to bring her back at all. She's not going to play for this organization. You can agree or disagree on any of those, and that's totally fine. What I do love is that a new ownership group came in sees challenges and made decisions and stuck with them. And made those decisions firmly. That's the kind of organization that I would want to be a part of. Not necessarily, again, I'm not going to get my opinion on how those situations needed to be handled one way or another, but I appreciate a leadership style that comes in and says, this is our vision and it might be hard for you to buy into, but this is what we're selling. And if you want to be a piece of it, then here it is. And so I do appreciate and like what I'm seeing from early on from this ownership group in Atlanta that that's been about a year in office now. I like that. And I love the direction that we're seeing from this new ownership group.

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