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I dunno we'll find out tomorrow in the mic glenn an era starts against the defending champion falcons so not look to a lot of bears fans in that way one person at said one positive thing about their quarterback situation i mean that is like the biggest mystery on this theme forget about all the other stuff you hit on the knows he had a lot of players who played last year on a new guys that learned and quickly with thrown into the lion's den in game out would something at least but i would say you're right and if they win one five six at top five this is an amazing stat in would be in amazing improvements just to get there but i will not put the packers at thirteen wins the way you right i i put around eleven at that point because you get minnesota i think they could lose both to minnesota because they are incredible team and what you have in detroit is a mystery so if they split that run well don't forget the packers have to cross over to the nfc south the best of these yes in the nfc by far all four nfc south teams should finish five untrimmed or gone agency at least two if not three teams from the nfc south in the playoffs seal so i agree with he adds eleven wins for the packard cents when i think thirteen too many leads at center rudy at the crossover in play amitav aim the start season lounis at home tomorrow against seattle on that's all it's tough matchup for green bay and in terms of the bears i look i i think they're gonna let's attempts and when i do say clearly see they're not going to serve winning games until second half of the look at their skin from the first half a start with a lanna tampa bay pittsburgh at green bay while there should be only four after four weeks and you'll hear the calls for trubisky that i don't see trubisky plane sown till after the pie which ironically would be eight games for each beat for glennon i i think the pair of their their little wanted seven in the first half and then the wind about fight games which this is not short change sanchez as much as i dislike him personally xlaet think he's the best one out there right now and fox as an alltime school guy he might.

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