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Bill Doyle. More like a game show host. You wouldn't understand? Well, you heard the breaking news at the bottom of the hour to thirty from Joe cutter. And then again at three o'clock that the federal government is going to reopen. Even if it's only for three weeks, a temporary thing President Trump made an announcement that he is supporting short term spending Bill only three weeks the government will be reopened, but without any money for a border wall. Now before even go on. This is a big enough story that we just want to take a couple of phone calls. We don't wanna make too long thing of this. But I'm really curious what people who are big supporters of Trump feel about this. But honestly, we'll take calls from anybody. But do you feel like he caved one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five may see this. I think is telling me CNN there. Their bias is. And I'm not even saying that I'm not going to be one of those fake news idiots. I don't believe that at all. But they absolutely have a strong slant. As usually does the other direction something like, Fox News. But even Fox News listen to this first paragraph in what they put up about it from their website. President Trump said Friday that he will support a short term spending Bill to reopen the government temporarily ending the partial government shutdown that has dragged on for more than a month despite a day earlier, saying Republicans would not cave on his demands for funding for a wall on the southern border. That's something that I would normally see on CNN to point that out. I was surprised that they're pointing that out in the first paragraph on FOX story. And I'm wondering are some conservatives feeling kind of slighted by this sudden deal? I don't. No, I'm just asking. So wherever you come down on this. Let us know. I'm not even going to say if it's a good thing or it's a bad thing. I mean, certainly, I think with all that's going on with eight hundred thousand people so many without a paycheck having to hit up food banks. I mean, I think this is a good thing that reopening it. I don't think it's a good thing that it's only for three weeks that could easily go south. But let me just read part of an Associated Press story. This is the one that is appearing on our own site. Because this I think is the least biased slanted in any direction. I'll just read parts of this President Donald Trump Friday afternoon announced a short term deal to reopen. The US government for three weeks, ending the longest shutdown in US history. Negotiations will continue over the president's demands for money to build his long promised wall at the US Mexico border, which is not included in the temporary deal. No vote on the proposal has yet taken place. We have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopened the government. Trump said overnight and into Friday at least five Republican senators had been calling Trump urging him to reopen the government and have the Senate consider his request for border wall money through regular legislation. According to a person familiar with the situation. A burst of movement toward a deal came as LaGuardia Airport in New York and Newark, liberty international airport in New Jersey where both experiencing at least ninety minute delays in take-offs Friday, the world's busiest airport. Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta international was experiencing long security. Wait times a warning sign the week before it expects one hundred and fifty thousand out of town visitors for the Super Bowl and. Then it got into this. It is mentioning that the IRS now. So right there you have a safety concern with because I was air traffic controllers. They were short staffed Monday is the start of federal tax filing season. But fewer than half of the furloughed IRS employees recall during the shutdown to handle tax returns and send out refunds reported for work as of Tuesday, according to congressional and government aids. The employees have been told to work without pay most of them won't do it. Wow. Most of them were not showing up even though they were told to do it without pay so between that and this air traffic control thing all they need is one air disaster. And that's going to look bad for you can blame it on the Democrats. You can blame it on trop, whichever. You want to blame it on? It's gonna look bad for somebody. So I think this is a good thing. But he's reopening it without even a penny for the border wall is that caving one eight hundred two eight. Three one zero one point five Mike in long branch. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey. Hey, guys. How are you? All right. Mike. So you know, it's tough because. Yeah, I would love to have seen something with the wall. But at the end of the day, you know, he had to listen to people and get the government reopened temporarily. I mean at the end of the day if it doesn't work out in three weeks he can shut it down again. But this time the Democrats will be held liable because they had the opportunity to negotiate it. So I think he had to do it. I'm still with them one hundred percent, but he negotiated over the next three weeks. Now, I should have mentioned this, and I didn't yet Mike I know this is really brand new about an hour ago. But did you also hear the part? It is very much expected that if they will not negotiate at the end of those three weeks that he is ready to go ahead and take the legal risk of invoking a national crisis at the border, and even though it would probably be challenged. And I and I think he's got two options at that point either that that that plan which he's been talking about anyway. Or the other one which is to to negotiate it out, you know, bipartisan in a bipartisan way and just get it done. So hopefully, everybody pays attention now and watches over the next three weeks, what Pelosi Democrats actually offer because I think he's doing what he's supposed to be doing at this point. Okay. Okay. Mike. Thanks for your call. Asia from summit, you're on New Jersey one and one point five. Hi, president ever. No, he didn't cave and we're with him. I mean, he's not at school. This is it's people's lives. So no, it's not worth something happening at the airport or. During right. But it's okay. We're gonna get a law. It's good. It's all good. He didn't get it before reopening the government reopen government without getting not a it's not a tit for tat. It's okay. Said it was. But he said it was do you? Remember the meeting he walked out? Remember the meeting he walked out of where he I'm just trying to ask you a question. I'm not trying to fight with you. But you remember when he got a Schumer and Pelosi in there, does it include my wall. No, then Bye-bye. Yeah. Right. So how is this not a huge win for Pelosi and a huge loss for Trump? Explain explain how okay because we're dealing with people's lives. It's not about Pelosi. It's not about the clown Schumer. It's about people's lives. It's not a game. So yes, we need the government to open back up. But we also need to make sure that America you say, okay. And I agree with that part. But if it's not a game. Why did your best president ever make at one? He's the one who. I mean, he's playing chess. Of course, it's it's you know, he has to make the move. But as a businessman as an entrepreneur as a. Oh, you have to apply pressure. Right. So. Didn't get what he wanted. He will. Asia. Thanks for your call. What do you think of this the federal government reopening, but no wall Caroline highlands? Your New Jersey one zero one point five. Good afternoon. And I'm glad he did it and I'm a hundred percent for him. But basically he has been forcing the Democrats to show. How little they care for the American people. And he finally got to the point where it was a decision to just let them keep, you know, hanging themselves on that rope or to take into account the fact that yes, we did have some issues coming up with the TSA, and we definitely had issues with the coastguard and Chuck Schumer voted down. The only thing in the Bill was to fund the coast guard, and he he gets through it down. And I spent the morning shopping for things for the coast guard guys near okay to help them out. Trump basically is has shown exactly the attitude that the Democrats have as far. The people of the country. They were the ones that we're gonna keep playing and playing and playing and he said he's gotta be the grown up here. So let the government pay the people what we can do in three weeks, and if not we'll fix that too. But it's funny because the Democrats kept saying reopen the government, and then negotiate and now the reopening the government and Trump says they're going to negotiate but yet Trump's the adult and thanks for your call one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years. Fast.

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