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Money on WGN stocks of open higher on Wall Street putting the market on track for a weekly gain following four straight weeks of losses technology companies and banks doing other best today to lift major indices in the early going Intel as an example rose SO one and a half for a percent city group is up another percent Campbell soup is up nearly seven percent big lots is up twelve percent both companies reported quarterly profits that easily beat analyst expectations the market right now shows the Dow of one hundred forty one points the nasdaq is up twenty eight the S. and P. is up fifteen bond prices fell the yield on the ten year treasury at five point one point five two percent now WGN traffic and here's merry Vandervell and traffic is sponsored by Comcast business CTA red line train still not stopping at Roosevelt with the police investigation going on even looks good the up on Kennedy no backups now the inbound trip still about twenty two minutes from here from the evens fourteen minutes everything's pretty common the Eisenhower till this afternoon actually immunize their it's about forty from fifty three twenty four from Mannheim with heavy delays from independence on the outbound trip on the Stevenson that accident now cleared at First Avenue thirty minutes in from the tri state Ryan's eighteen only from ninety fifth clear and the bishop Ford fifty seven and most of the toll ways west on I ninety an accident and I re wrote in the right lane still lake shore drive looks pretty good some minor delays fifty five jacks in Columbus the lights still not working between Valvo and Jackson traffic lights and palatine an accident rand and Hicks and Oakbrook south on eighty three at thirty first every day Comcast business is helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary because beyond a simple transaction there is making a customer for life Comcast business beyond fast take your business beyond a Comcast business dot com for personalized traffic on demand get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team Oxburgh just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago van Velde from data traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death here's the Labor Day weekend forecast for the WGN Chicago weather center partly to mostly sunny mild today hide your seventy five partly cloudy cool overnight low fifty.

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