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All right, Laurie, heading into downtown area 93 South bound. You got a nice right here on the lower decks. Take umbrage on that lever Connectors OK to and from steroid drive. If you're on sterile, Dr West found big head's up here. You are jammed here from Kenmore Square all the way over to Cambridge Street on Soldier's Field Road here. Then he got work. Crews have all traffic detoured up onto the service road there and then you're back on after Western and that's what's causing these big delays. Here. Soldiers Field Road westbound is shut down. Between Cambridge Street and Western Aven. These big delays are pushing back on the Storrow Drive rested downtown. Okay, including the airport tunnels south of town. You want many troubles here on the expressway Roots 3 20 for 95 up to the North. A much different story for 95 North bound roadwork has the two left lanes blocked here on route 1, 10 Exit 34, Chelmsford. Just that right? Lane is getting buying traffic almost back to Boston Road here in Westford Little over four miles to stop and go for you there. This report sponsored by ups jobs dot com ups is hiring Now, with more than 100,000 new jobs This season UPS has a spot for you ready to earn good money doing essential work. Join team ups supply. Now, with ups jobs dot com slash get hired. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the threes and now the forecast details. Here's Dean DeVore enjoy the sunshine the rest of the day, a little bit of a breeze. But it won't be his Chile's recent days will get up within a few degrees of 55 mid forties, mainly cleared tonight..

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