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And maybe we blew it in an educated way. Maybe we didn't really blow it. Maybe just the the Will change their minds. You know against can be hot or cold sometimes and I think during that. Summer's up wanted out earlier. I think it's funny finally said as it's not gonna work right and and and a lot of open motors would be looking at their expense sheet saying how much i spent on promoting this guy not interesting man. He didn't he didn't he didn't live that way he just move on. And that's kind of what i think. They decided to do with lex until somewhere about winter. You know well some aromas coming up. Let's let's Let's try this one more time right. Let's make sure now because you see other guy looks to make sure. Now that that we're not screwing this thing up and And and as as it worked out Red heart was the answer. Not lex luger. Let's talk about Lex at the end of wcw. You know it feels apparent. That jeff jarrett was persona non grata. When w w goes down. vince publicly. Fires him on tv. But we haven't really talked about lex luger. Was there any interest in lex. I mean we know that buff gets shot. Why didn't lex get a shot with the company was even discussed. I discussed very seriously. 'cause you know the old liver doesn't change its spots. He's he's a high dollar Guy that's not a top guy okay. He perceived as a top guy again. Look at the kasa character. The team he was on. Cw before wwe. Yeah he your father-in-law star and So you know credit. The nate's on that deal. As i said earlier he didn't have this nature boy and wwe he didn't have the one of the most respected guys and tire issue. The business Taken by the hand and trying to lead into the promised land. So i think that we're probably in the short answer would be the ship had sailed. We were done. So i i. I don't remember any I don't remember any serious discussions about bringing back in for a second run after the Minneapolis nitro thing. Not at all chat me up. The you remember talking the lax after he leaves the wwf. I mean obviously you did. I know you did a podcast with him years later but when is the next time you inlex have a conversation might have been then not much. I wasn't real close with it. I didn't dislike him. I his attitude. Sometimes it's a little bit stressful. Because he's he didn't have a big keen sense of urgency sometimes I remember one time. We ran Or was we ran event and nassau coliseum. Thank isn't a new york area. I think it was. Nassau might have been east river new jersey. i'm not sure but some one of those markets and he was up. I was helping produce a show and it was his. You know he was next and as a high level match and he was just taking this time. Music sleigh and and I remember saying something you know. Come on last guy down there waiting on you you know. It's like take it easy. Jr just take it easy so okay have out of town. You know you knew when. You're coming on i you know. There's no reason started discussion right. What is there to to discuss. Assist was a good so we didn't have a close about the only. The person to lex was staying in the in the wcw. All those years. I'll sure other guys so he's a friend of mine you know we'd talked. Would or i go there. Jim and workout or whatever but a lot of guys that he didn't he wasn't outgoing so To me or anybody else. In that respect so i don't think i i don't remember talking to him. What are you going to say right. I say good luck you know. If you do great the the obligatory stuff but you know it was really meaningful. I don't know it's lip service to me but No i i. Don't i don't re- i didn't have the relationship with conrad that would have prompted me to To seek him out on that. And in hindsight i wish i added probably gonna smart move for me this and more important the right thing to do right but it just wasn't that way. We're.

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