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Me interested let's go to already in Rocklin what's up already Hey how you doing Eric I agree with you don Sutton is the second least person deserving of the whole thing bill Maher Oscar is the first if we know why bills there he at the moment and the moment was in right I wanted to talk about Brady and Belichick I have a theory I haven't heard anybody spells I believe that both of them because the bar was set so high and they've been so successful the twenty years I think that both of them are going to fall short of their goals over the next two years I can see Belcher just being average and I can see Brady being average and nobody's going to talk about a million of those near one of them in my opinion is going to be successful because they're both in bad situations compared to where they work I would hang up and ask you what you think about that thanks thanks for the comment I don't know though what the bar is for both you know we've kind of touched on that the bar for Tom over the next two years to me is higher than bill Belichick and when I think when you look at the talent on that roster I'm not seeing the win the Superbowl I'm not predicting that but they certainly have a lot of town office that's have a lot of town on defense I thought the under achieved last year when you look at the individual performances that they had compared to the fact that they gave up I think the second most points in the NFL I thought they underachieved on defense which is stunning considering they have such a brilliant defensive coordinator name Todd Bowles it's very very stunning to think that well what's the bar for both of them because I think the bar for bill in New England is a lot lower like I give me an example I think of the patriots especially with the way the quarterback situation looks right now with the cap situation with the talent that they've lost overall forget about just losing Tom Brady think about some of the other key guys they've lost on defense just do it during this offseason and right now I'm not able to really replace them if the patriots won nine games and let's say made the playoffs are while courting they don't even wanna division they win nine games they will wildcard spot I think we view bill as wow hell of a job by bill I really do so I think he's in a better spot because I think the bar is a lot lower but as far as us not talking about Tom Brady and bill Belichick everybody to talk about Tom Brady bill Belichick we are in New York because of the kind of the impact that those two guys have had on the city of New York between the giants beating that team twice in the Super Bowl between all the battles mostly with the patriots winning just on the playoff specifically in the divisional round back in two thousand ten but the fact that the patriots of only AFC east the fact that bill was a D. coordinator with the giants and the jets the fact he was about to be that go to the jets it's an interesting storyline in New York telling people to stop talking about them he would have both of them fell flat on their face which I think is gonna happen I don't think it's going to take away from the fact that in my mind for my money and I think this has a thirty six year old and I know Joe my radio partner during the week thinks this as a guy in the sixties that his greatest coach of all time it is the greatest quarterback of all time and even if they both fail in the New World of them not being together I don't think that's taken away from the fact that we're talking about to the greats of all time the toll free number is eight five five two one two for CBS eight five five two.

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