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Safe my friends now whether together on the aids on newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. W. W. traffic time is up for forty eight if you have to be out in about this morning pretty good drive no accidents no crashes Runtown not seeing any disabled vehicles as we check those triple a jam cams we do have construction that's going on both in west Louisville township it's maple road now closed a middle belt for that work middle belt still open for traffic and this is a place to complete construction of a roundabout right through June in Troy I. seventy five southbound from big beaver to Livernois only one lane is open with the I. seventy five southbound entrance ramp from big beaver closed today and Friday at eleven AM until seven PM for today the I. six ninety six westbound exit ramp to south field road closed at seven this morning it'll stay closed through six AM on Monday and also for today in Ferndale it's eight mile westbound at Woodward that'll be close seven AM until eleven AM detour there is the eight mile road service drive border crossings now closed to non essential travel well the Michigan welcome centers now closed until further notice and for downtown Detroit the people mover and the queue line now closed we're watching the Tripoli Jeff camps from the automotive group traffic center here on newsradio nine fifty on this Thursday morning it'll be mostly clear also chilly the low around forty later today partly sunny and breezy this after hi sixty three tonight with patchy clouds cold a low of thirty six tomorrow blustery and colder we'll have clouds a few sunny breaks also expect a few showers of rain and wet snow high forty eight no cannulation expected though Saturday breezy and chilly with.

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