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Through some of the area to AT sixty three degrees at seven thirty one now I'm Steve Sampson with continuing coverage of the death of George Floyd CBS news special report the labor department is about to release unemployment numbers for the month of may economists forecasting around eight point three million more jobs were lost during the pandemic on top of that more than twenty million laid off in April economists Scott brown you're seeing a real loss in wage income and that now leads us to second round effects where because of that loss of income people are likely to spend that spending somebody else's income and so there's a like a chain reaction CBS news business analyst Jill Slazenger says there are disparities many are focusing on race and inequality in the labor market of black Americans as of April black workers had an unemployment rate of sixteen point seven percent white workers fourteen point two percent and numbers just in another two point five million have lost jobs during the pandemic Dow futures up three fourteen CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez lawyers for some of the officials charged in the death of George Floyd or giving some hints as to what their defense will be this is the fireman there are indications that two of the three officers charged with aiding and abetting could be turning on Derek Jarman the officer who placed his knee on George Floyd snack the two were newcomers and had little experience as full time officers in court yesterday lawyers for the two seem to be blaming children for what took place oral gray represents one of the rookie cops Thomas lane he says his client expressed concern about George Floyd training officer should we rolled over twice the third officer charged with aiding and abetting appears to be cooperating with prosecutors the three that were and are in custody this morning Thomas lane J. Tang and toe tau meanwhile Minneapolis city council members today will call for immediate changes to the police department the emergency meeting is scheduled for twelve thirty and comes just days after the state department human rights launched an investigation into policies procedures and practices of the department looking into whether there is a pattern of discriminatory practices against minorities magic of friable join Dave Lee with more on this coming up at seven fifty here in the morning news the Minnesota attorneys county attorneys association has voted to support the process of sending officer involved deaths to the state attorney general's office for review rather than those county attorneys in a press release the organization says they're taking the steps to do the quote deepening mistrust in our criminal justice system following the death of George Floyd as protests continue throughout the country there are more more accounts of police brutality of peaceful protesters one of the latest captured on video from buffalo New York this morning two officers caught shoving a seventy five year old man during a protest near city hall the man had his head causing blood to run from his ears mistaken the hospital said to be okay initially police said the man trapped but once video came out they actually told the truth the cops were suspended that series of events reminiscent of the Floyd killing more police here initially said he died of a medical incident while in police custody and Steve Sampson a new Starkey three WCCO governor today's are gonna be covered nineteen conversation yep I'm sure he'll also talk to us and and we'll get the latest on the situation as far as the any curfew it we don't know of a curfew coming up tonight but anything else going on but yes Scott Colbert nineteen is the headline from the governor's office it's at two o'clock and we do expect some more loosening of restrictions now on what businesses that we don't know yet but that'll be it too of course will bring it to you live here did you hear anything out of the Fargo Moorhead area after he'd he'd sent some additional Minnesota National Guard members up there yesterday have not heard of course they were sent for a precautionary measures because there was some word that maybe some things were gonna go down in Fargo on Chris Minnesota a little too close but we haven't heard anything we haven't heard them engage in any activity have they had any kind of numbers put out as far as a financial impact on the city for the for the year destruction and then and then what kind of costs that is the businesses how many millions of dollars that could be a wee on anything out of there I saw a number yesterday and I can't I don't wanna say because I just saw it in passing but I know it's one of those things where it's it's ongoing in fact I know governor walls is going to be touring both Lake Street and north Minneapolis this morning to kind of get a look but I know they're still kind of tallying this all up and trying to figure out exactly not just how many businesses were were destroyed but also how many are so damaged that they're gonna have trouble coming back so this is an ongoing process and again my cell number yesterday but it off of my head along hello I guess yeah well yeah you're right that's that's probably no that's certainly not a firm number wouldn't think at this point and then Steve there's also store this morning and I bring it up because all eyes John rash about he's our media expert wheels look for our Friday conversations with him at a ten but Twitter I she has blocked a trump campaign video tribute to George Floyd which is an interesting move and that is getting some buzz obviously social circles social media circles soul as John about that coming up at eight ten as you mention the Meryl Jonas's half hour and then Mike Max is done just a.

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