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I totally understand why it is that if you own this team, you would not want to get into the territory of the tax and being in the territory of the Tex-Mex improve your team that affects mid level, all of that stuff like that. So I kinda get it, what I would be curious about, though, is what exactly the market for Stephen Adams would be because contrary to what you might think Stephen Adams is twenty five years old. But I can only imagine the mileage. That's all Ned twenty-five. He makes twenty five million dollars a year. You're not gonna find a big man as good as him very easily out there, and he makes a difference for them. But I would not blame team for wanting to get out ahead of what might be his physical decline. Well, there's the physical decline of Stephen Adams, there's the decline of Russell Westbrook who is at age thirty older, and he's older than his three point percentage last year. That is an enormous problem as you've discussed over and over again this season. But to get back to the luxury tax idea. Let's keep something in mind, too. Clay Bennett historically hates paying the luxury tax. But last year, the GM Sam prestige basically asked for a big raise his allowance. He said, I need more what happened the thunder went to three hundred million dollars. The first team in NBA history to do so combining the cap and attacks and what did they get? They got another first round exit. So if you're clay Bennett that was the year when I gave you the leash now that Lisa's shortening all the way that, well, this is where the warriors, I think kind of flip the game because keeping that thing together as they did required a willingness to pay the taxes. Keep going requires a willingness pay tax goes into finance or the purpose of the tax because the whole idea was to make people act like clay Bennett. Did you look around the league guys realize, okay, I guess, certain level of thing we might have to pay the tax that is going to dial itself back we'll on. It's weird now because again what the jazz have in front of them to funder. Also have in front of them. They of the Western Conference where they're like two teams that I can see that are probably not in the playoffs. The grizzlies end the sons. But everybody else's kind of in this problem for the funder as Paul George just had a double shoulder surgery. Russell westbrook. Does not seem to be improving that team seems to have a ceiling. That's lowering as the floor is opening up for everybody else. This is going to become another Billy Donovan show improve year. Yeah. Coming up next, the Knicks say, no. Thank you, Chris Paul, like like for their team. Dame lillard. Anthony Davis Klay Thompson. Danna Terachi Netco. We'll McKay Gina who McCain Space, Jam stalks. Ooh, I'm into that. People are kind of, like throwing shade at it. But like the Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Bradley in the first one all these people, I think are bigger than them. I got news, well, bigger than Mosey bows, which trying to say, well, bigger figurative, he'll, he'll come up here rocky. Oh, jaw Baltimore number seven because the NBA draft is tonight at seven o'clock on ESPN seven eastern ideas, Pablo, what are you most excited to see you tonight? I'm excited to see trades whoa, JR. Said there will be an extraordinary number of trades, and as much as I appreciate our Jay baron, Zayn Williamson, our friend John Mirant. I kind of get them I've seen them before. I just want to know what the rest of the league is going to do in this season in which everything is seemingly possible. You don't know who any the other players in the draft are no. Okay. So what's the excitement about the trades? Oh, they're gonna shuffle around and get another guy that I've never heard of what? May include players that I have heard in the trades for those guys that I haven't, and that's where it could get interesting. Specifically a number. I have to say this man, the universe taken away, what I always found to be the most site and mos- Anderson part of the draft. And that was ugly suits and the ugly suits have been taken away by stylists. And blamed LeBron James above allows us, the first dude, I remember showing to the draft knew it was clear..

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