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Have met who's like oh yeah i found your you know your card you buried underneath you know all of the junk that i founded mike my plays are pocket or and my handbag or something and i was cleaning out then i thought i'd call but there's a lot of that slick what does it take to actually make the call you know and then show up for the appointment like what's going on like what's the inflection points in somebody's life and so you in general would i always used to do was just you know what's their chief complaint you know the chief complaint sort of like a sentence in the patients words and if you're if you're you know you have like a bellyache or something you'd be like my stomach hurts beer chief complained but since all over the regular dr liu pupils walker or cures i've got a the psd told me i've got headaches people do people tend to go to you right away with what's known as you sort of ask them for it like so then you've left in the same way you would in any patient surgical patient and internal medicine patient the kind of what's the problem is essentially that question and annual literally in your knows b like you know chief complaint is you know i can focus at work i you know my boss' really mean to me i'm having a hard time with my spouse so it's very problem focus and then treatment kind of radiates out from that time so is it medication is therapy is it like what are you kind of doing to kind of help them deal with those problems and then send them on their way so what point do you say okay our water go do this.

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