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Welcome back to how we win. All over the country people are doing extraordinary things. The Best Antidote to anxiety is action. There are are thirty four days left until the most important election of our lives just over a month with your help, we can win all the houses right today we are talking about talking on the phone with voters in our key states. Phone banking is now the only safe way we have to connect one on one with voters. We're GONNA give you the tips and tricks to have effective meaningful conversations. We also hear from diversity inclusion and equity expert. Jordan blaze she talks about how to have culturally competent conversations. With voters communities outside our own and how to go deeper with our conversations around race and equity. This is gonNA. Come in Handy with that phone Beijing I'm Steve Pearson. Mariah craven and this is how we win. Yeah Mariah is, Back Bamba Mariah. Song. Back, I'm sleep deprived but I haven't also little baby. So how is Jackson doing? Maybe Jackson is. Garage. Smiling this week. So, that's pretty amazing. I'm so happy for you guys and really really happy that you're back I'm sure all of our listeners are so tired of my voice on this thing and glad to have you back here. Dow It can't be true. The Nice thing about him also is that he doesn't talk about Donald Trump. So not yet he's the only one. Literally the only one. May He never even like may just be something. He reads about in the history books something, which is not wild like he's GonNa read. He's going to read about this moment in fifth grade history be like. Sounds a weird were you guys taking? His is this what you were prattling on about on your podcast. MOM, it'll be called something different biden be like A. Hologram cash. Exactly. Anyway we want we. WanNa leave this moment behind but we wanna we, WanNa do it right..

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