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A british actor ed skride has withdrawn from a film because the character he was playing with japanese and he is very obviously not japanese it's led to a lot of discussion about how hollywood portrays the full global kaleidoscope of faces and cultures of course it's an issue that has long troubled people in nineteen fifty six mgm said it wanted to make a film that truly represented india but while he junction was a particular favorite of my sri lankans fatherinlaw had featured one of his two favorite actress ava gardner it didn't bother him that a half indianheld when was being played by the all american ava gardner but was or anyone else they could have chosen how about my father knows other favorite actress beaubrun jay may have been a bit older but she had grown up in india and her mother was from sri lanka of course my father in law knew nothing of this no one day did because no perhaps sensibly given the attitudes of the time kept it hidden she said she came from tasmania sixty years later a character based on meaubrun appeared in the tv series the loss tycoon that character margo taft was naturally played by an actor with a mixed background just could builds to why does this matter aren't act has meant to play different characters one answer is the audience is increasingly global and 1944 katherine hepburn played a chinese can't turn dragon seed do it today and it will be ludicrously unbelievable but there's something else going on here and 1944 cinema was a once or twice a week bit of escapism great fun but it was meant to be make believe however with drama now available twenty four hours a day and people binge watching it's not just a place of occasional escape new trips how we see the world we journalists may think it's news that informs and connect says but when it comes to viewing hours especially for young people news daily registers when you compare it with drama if you never see someone like you on screen or when you do the characters a fool it will affect you it's more than just wanting a face to look accurate it's.

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