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Listening to the AP digital news network prince Harry and his wife Meghan the Duchess of suspects were among those to attend the lion king premiere in London the royal couple was met with cheers when they arrived and walked in to the tune of Elton John's can you feel the love tonight John says it's astonishing to see The Lion King born again saying it thought it would never happen but because the jungle book was so wonderfully done and reinvented this one's been done the same way and they'll give a more realistic view other stars were on hand including Donald Glover and Seth Rogan an alarm is being sounded by a leading advocacy group A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma report it says it's worried only twenty seven percent of funds for twenty nineteen have been provided so far the Norwegian refugee council says the with only hall of of twenty nineteen gone humanitarian organizations who receive just twenty seven percent of the money needed to provide relief to people affected by crises worldwide this year its general secretary John Eklund says the card lack of funding is alarming he adds a total of twenty six billion dollars is required this year to provide relief for around ninety four million people in the house of a gun to countries have contracted a V. seven billion so far the NRC singled out the crises in Cameroon and Congo as examples of regions in the heat I'm Charles de Ledesma a robot system could one day change the way corn is grown and monitored a team of scientists and engineers at university of Nebraska Lincoln have built an automated system capable of detecting an individual corn leaf and grasping it with robotic precision to screen its temperature chlorophyll and water content in less than a minute the plants phenotyping robot system is the latest example of precision agriculture you an al has trained aspiring plant scientists in labs and research fields to phenotype various corn hybrids in the search for breeds with higher heat and drought tolerance that produce a better yields truck draws intense criticism I'm to acquire than AP news been if for democratic Congress woman of color say president trump doesn't deserve to be president Minnesota's you along Omar it's time for us to impeach this president trump over the weekend tweeted that the four known as the squad two should go back to their own countries through the foreign born in the United States one Omar was born in small you came to the U. S. as a refugee when she was a child drums postings have drawn an outcry from Democrats and some Republicans trump for his part double down today on the attack that's what I said in a tweet which I guess some people think is controversial a lot of people love it by the way lot of people love it meanwhile the trump administration wants to reverse decades of US policy ending all asylum protection from most migrants to arrive at the U. S. Mexico border plan calls for migrants who passed through another country on the way to the United States to be in eligible rule also applies to children who cross the border loan I'm to acquire AP digital news back in a moment.

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