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National emergency I'm Lisa listen Arraf fox news as concerns over the corona virus increase president trump taking action this afternoon president trump announced during a rose garden press conference a new series of measures to combat the corona virus and also declared a national emergency the action I am taking will open up access to up to fifty billion dollars that money will be earmarked for FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help fight the pandemic the president said that he was empowering the secretary of health and Human Services to waive certain laws and regulations to ensure the corona virus can be contained and patients can be treated quickly boxes John decorate the White House the administration and the house appeared to be an agreement on a measure that would aid to families impacted by the corona virus checker trick surgery secretary Steve Mnuchin tells fox's live diary focused on making sure that we can deal with the corona virus the people who have to be home quarantine that hard working Americans don't lose their at their compensation because they have to be home fourteen it would provide assistance to people dealing with the economic impact of the virus by extending unemployment insurance and provide two weeks of paid medical leave for those infected house vote may happen tonight the Senate vote could happen next week the state of Washington one of those hit very hard by the virus they're taking new action to stop it from spreading my first order will close all K. through twelve public and private schools in every district across the state of Washington schools will close from twelve oh one AM Tuesday March seventeenth through twelve PM Friday April twenty fourth governor Jay Inslee to York city the nation's biggest school system is keeping schools open America's listing fox news brought to you by mail more from the news radio chalcogens S. son Jake Ryan and yours was stopping all zoos the cedar Park City council addresses the growing issues of coronavirus the discussion was added to the agenda at the last minute mayor Corbin van Arsdale says governor Greg Abbott has called for steady and calm leadership from local governments they don't want to have this over panicked over fearing thing going on at the same time they want to enhance safety because he made it crystal clear this is going to Kerr a lot of effort to keep from spiking he says Williamson County judge bill Gravelle will begin conducting daily conference calls to increase coordination with seemingly endless reports of people turning up to grocery stores with empty shelves H. E. B. is trying to get the word out that it will keep their shelves stocked a statement from the grocery chain says it has been preparing for a corona virus outbreak for a while and customers should not panic because they will continue to restock take a.

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