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And then paralyze a friend who just happened to be in the car with him at the time a lot of reckless killings in which innocent people got killed. And then the two women that he killed. He killed an ex girlfriend. Steve Fleming his partners. And he killed a niece of Steve Fleming's. These were young women who were not threat to him. What was his motive? Why why did he do this? He and Fleming kinda constructed a reason I think Deborah Davis was one of the girl's name, and she had left Steve Fleming. And I think it was just Steve Fleming. Anger combination of anger, and then there fear that if once he got outside their orbit, she was beginning to talk, but she didn't really know anything anyway. So that was kind of bogus. And then the niece there really was no reason at all other than they believe she was a drug. Addict and had a drinking problem and that she was mouthing off around the neighborhood and had become an embarrassment to them. But these are pretty flimsy reasons for killing these women, particularly in the really horrifically brutal way if they killed these women's strangling them, and then pulling their teeth out thinking that would benefit the bodies wouldn't be identified, and then bearing the bodies in shallow graves, not exactly acts of courageous men not acts of of of criminal up gangsters, even you know, the killing of women innocent people, and then being informants and being rats all of that is sort of very much against the the mobsters code and believe it or not mobsters do have code that they operate by. And not being around is definitely one of those coach where would TJ English is website is linked up at coast to coast AM. Dot com. Couple of his books Patty wacked in where the bodies were buried do. You think that Whitey saw the Johnny Depp movie black mass about him. No by then he was locked up in prison, and he wouldn't have had an opportunity to see that. But I know that he did see another movie the departed the one with Jack Nicholson in ten that was supposedly loosely based on the Bolger story was fictionalized. And apparently that he saw and he was still living in Santa Monica on the right at that time, supposedly one of the tips that the FBI got Bolger was on the run from a man living in San Diego said that he'd gone to CNN matinee of the departed, and he's four Whitey Bolger was in the theater to view that movie when he was there, and this guy called up the FBI and tipped him off about that. And they apparently paid no no particular mind, they never follow up on that stuff through the no they didn't follow up on a lot of tips. They were getting about about Whitey Bolger over the years. You know, the the belief amongst a lot of people was the FBI didn't really wanna find him because of what he knew and who he might name in the in the in the Justice system in the FBI and the department of Justice who had a naval him and protected him. All those years when he was when he was a criminal was he in a secret witness type program or he was just Whitey doing his thing. Why are you doing his thing? In fact, he was out on the street. Nobody knew he was an informant totally unknown to anybody in the criminal underworld outside of the FBI agent. Why did he become an informant TJ? Did they threaten him or something? Yeah. That's a that's a really interesting one. We coming up on a break. 'cause we've. Yeah. We are we are. So what are you talk about? There's a long explanation to that that's incredibly fascinating. But not many people know about in relation to the white story. So I do want to explain it. But I'll give you the short answer. Which is he was approached by John Connolly who was a fellow Irish Catholic from south Boston. This was in the early seventies. Connolly was a young agent trying to make his way up in in the bureau, and the idea of getting Whitey Bolger who at that point wasn't you know, the Whitey Bolger. I'll let you yet Whitey Bolger was was still a thug. He was a up and coming gangster. A member of a gang called the winter hill mob was making some moves in Boston and John Conley approached him and said this would be a good arrangement for us. You know, I'll take care of you. You take care of me we enhance each other's careers. All right. Let's talk more about that TJ when we come back next hour. We'll open up. Up the phone lines. But more to talk about with TJ English as we talk about the life of Whitey Bulger..

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