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World ordering power is to break from a kind of ideological sir have monolith a means not even just a consensus it's kind of a hill it's it's it's it's the it's it's the really it's the equivalent of kind of what we used to condemn as in of soviet ideology right it's a it's a kind of it's a kind of axiomatic there that i mean i consider it it's they're like flatter authors yeah i mean it's sort of like what do you mean the us wasn't the most beneficent savior in the world that that stopped a all of us were living under the the nazi yoke right exactly and and and also i mean it's it's such an incendiary topic to raise in this country when you go to almost any public event whether it's a a graduation at a at a high school her a middle school a sporting event someone is going to invoke the heroic nature of the world war to record of the united states it happens at it happens republicans democrats across the board everywhere it's like our societies drip and it and as i read your book i was her thinking it's such a great pushed back to this notion that being born in american means you are born into the greatest nation that's ever lived the country that saves the world i mean it really is like a nonstarter if you disagree with that in the mainstream of american discourse absolutely and it's one of the reasons why you know in in in this book and in some of my previous work i really go back to the black radical tradition and thinking about world war two in particular and i and i use this quote somewhere from from langston hughes where he talks about you know we we we hate hitler as much as anybody but we also want to defeat what he calls are native fascisms you know and and for african americans you know that notion that world war two was would require a double victory a victory against fascism abroad and also against racism at home you know became a very sort of a sort of a sharp critique right it was.

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