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Congressman john conyers but you know what's interesting this is also rally that will be speaking out against the miss leadership a minority floor leader nancy pelosi the anc polo see us completely step and she's one reason that we have maybe to your satisfaction donald trump in the white out and i'll tell you this is better hillary clinton well you know earlier well i don't i i can i disagree with that but it was almost well anyway at the tel ma who don't want you you you would not want hillary clinton in the white house leonito that are he was unarmed clary could not be of a quarter of donald trump but the reality red nancy pelosi nancy pelosi end the inside the beltway leadership or those democrats in washington gun that is why we have donald trump the white house for her to be such a hypocrite and not adhere to any principles of due process in terms of congressman john conyers is the height of hyprocrisy she's a lawmaker frank and yet she says resigned she didn't say to same thing for uh down ridicules pictures we saw all on the uh just area of a of a war alphabet inc elkington the socalled comedians and you know what really disturbing to me is that it just shows the did how out of touch that built where he is with the uh streets where people actually pro bike detroit i mean one reason that uh the democrats lost michika it's the miss leadership of nancy pelosi and those who run the argument critic priority operation but we will be open art britt at eleven o'clock just talking about focusing on mainly due process and letting the justice ships were ball where they may but above all this congressman deserves a fair hearing uh in nauseam congress which but beyond that you have due process relates to two courts at the fifth and fourteenth amendment both contain a due process clause in the deal which with the administration of justice and as it's a safeguard of of arbitrarily denying somebody life liberty or property by the government outside of the law and so you you've gotta quite on that this is being done outside of a courtroom with john conyers tells her to step down but here grip her between our john conyers a matt lauer bahrain first of all matt roure operate in the.

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