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Click on the Listen button on the upper right hand side of your screen. It's nine away traffic and weather together On the eight years, Abby Ryan knew crash this one on the outbound side of the Eisenhower and Morgan right past the Jane Byrne interchange. Idot is on its way to secure the area. If you're on the rest of the roads, the Edens looks pretty good. Either direction in and out clear in Spurs find Kennedy out bomb clear, inbound heavy before Harlem, the Foster Overnight roadwork taking your right lain in that spot a 23 minute ride from the airport 10 coming in from the eating junk ships. Wrestling's They're fine Hair extension looks good. Eisenhower. Outbound. So approaching Morgan on the outbound side, just past the Jane Byrne interchange. You have a crash blocking Elaine there 18 minutes in From the Jane Byrne out to Mannheim and 31 headed out to route 3 90. Now if you're on the in bound side, that's okay. Right now, the inbound side of the Stevenson back to normally despite the ramp to the Ryan down to just one lane with construction, thean bound side of the ride a little So from 18 to Roosevelt, there is construction, taking out your rather than their fromthe Stevens into Roosevelt. The earlier crash is now gone right from the right lane Roosevelt 17 in from 95th to the Jane Byrne 57 in the Florida finally. Drive to Tri State North found slow right before the mile Long bridge on 2 94 overnight roadwork in the two right lanes. Outbound is looking good. Jane Adams and the rest of the tolls are fine. I 80 clear. 80 94, Northwest Indiana eastbound approaching central Overnight roadwork in your two left lanes. Good news since Spring Grove Route 12 reopen both ways Salon Road that earlier crash cleared. Next traffic report. 10 18, whose radio 7 80 What a five point out of him back you weather says the winds will diminish a bit tonight We'll have partly cloudy skies and a low of 46. For tomorrow,.

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