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The region cases. It's just water. That's pooled on the road. We have to wait for that to recede. If there's mud, we go in and scrape that off the road and get the road reopened. In other cases where you've had rushing water. He might have damage to culverts or damage the roadway itself, and that's going to be a bigger issue where we're gonna have to make some repairs. Those could be locations where we might have longer term closure than just waiting for the water to receive that his dots mad Bruening. He says to use caution and plan ahead and expect delays in effect areas. Columbus city schools say we'll move forward with a contingency plan in the event that teachers decide to go on strike earlier this week. The board of directors voted to approve a measure, that would spend upwards of fifty thousand dollars on. A consulting firm to create a plan if in when CCS teachers say enough is enough. So our contract ends as of August nineteenth, which is the first day of classes. That does not mean that on that day we go. And we strike what happens is, is that they call the meeting for us to vote to put an ten day notice if we boat, you put in the ten day notice in our for ship, as a collective will decide whether or not we strikes, but it's Regina windows with the Columbus Education Association teacher say issues within the school range from buildings needing repairs to heating and cooling, rodent problems and resources, not being readily available as they are in other districts vote on a controversial gun Bill has been delayed until next week. In the states.

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