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The Democratic Party. Then you had wonderful. Conservative activists like Phyllis Schlafly have called for a choice, not an echo. You had the conservative movement which clarified things a little bit, And now you have this newer stage of the conservative movement with President Trump, which I think is clarified things a lot. So I do like it. I'm not shilling for the Republican Party, and I'm not saying the Democratic Party. Well, I I guess I am saying the Democratic Party's terrible but I'm not saying the Republican Party is perfect. It's merely that you do have some clarity on hugely important issues on abortion, For instance, you've got one party says We should protect life, One party says We should be able to snuff it out up until the very last minute. That's very clear. You've got of division on patriotism. One party's waving the American flag. The other party is supporting people who are burning the American flag. And protest ng against the American flag all the way up to that question. You've got clarity on foreign policy. Finally, you've got clarity on trade policy. You've got clarity on immigration policy. So I have a real choice and the fact that the GOP doesn't always live up to its promises. I don't I don't care for that. But I do at least like that. I have an option here, and I don't see how a third party could function any way other than As a spoiler. So many more great questions, But we've got to take a quick break in the meantime. Right now. Subscribe to the Michael. No Show podcast unless you're driving. I don't want you to crash your car. But assuming you maybe pull over we've got we've got a little bit of time. Here. Go over subscribed on Apple Podcast Google player wherever you find me on Twitter at Michael J. Knowles..

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