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I'd only english on mccoy's a hall of famer but now which the new line line of demarcation is at twelve thousand yards for running back because it feels like it's harder now for these running backs to get those kind of numbers because it to pass happy league by the way poli jordan howard thousand yards backtoback season for this kid in chicago kind of anonymous in nationwide yes but he is fun to watch re cohen yes they have some skilled to central bisky played well what are the bangles dillon come on put a stamp on it in mail it in it's called giving up yes do they after what you saw yesterday don't you think they're getting a new coach i thought that for ten years like hue jackson's still employed in cleveland i 900 have no idea what goes on with these guys yes mccloy there's a lot of bengals blogs and people think that huge jackson is the next coach well i i could see how bizarre would that be that you did such a bad job in cleveland your reward is you get to coach the bengals and had more now i i think you jackson is a really good offense you'd minded guy i do i do i think that he's been dealt a bad hand in cleveland young you want to get a head coaching job be careful what you asked for but i do think that he wanted to get mccarron i do think he wanted to get garoppolo i do think he wanted to draft quarterbacks and he had people in the front office who didn't want him to have that quarterback i i really believe that i don't know if that means he should be the next coach of the cincinnati bengals yes we gloves.

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